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From Palermo to London, to work in the medical sciences of the future

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It’s an offensive phrase that also has its time, but that’s another story from brain on the run. He dreamed of traveling the world, living in England, and participating in projects that would have a revolutionary impact on the world. And at the end He really did. Here is an experience Giovanni Raba.

A 41-year-old from Palermo from Lipari, Giovanni holds a degree in Structural Civil Engineering from the University of Palermo and a Masters in Project Management from Sole 24 Ore Business School. Then, tirelessly, he also earned the international certification as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute. And after several trials in Palermo, Catania, Ragusa, Milan and finally Singapore, in 2016 he made a big leap and he is Move to the UK In the middle of Britain’s exit from the European Union. To work in one of More competitive work areas with a high rate of innovation This outlet.

“I came back many times to Palermo after a failed job interview,” he says. “And I wondered what went wrong, but often, objectively, nothing went wrong, it was just a matter of circumstances. Perhaps this was not the time to take a step forward. All the difficulties I faced, every door in my face opened To grow, to get better and more and to be what I am today.One of the phrases that has always supported me is: “Things don’t happen to us, they happen to us.”

Thus, after a few years at a consulting firm, Giovanni joined the Estates Capital Development team of King’s College London, in a team of project managers who “develop innovation, research and development projects within ‘the university, in the structural and applied engineering sector’”

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In detail, he deals with medical scientific research projects of St Thomas’ Hospital in London; There, with his teammates, he transforms Company vision in a real product:

“For nearly two and a half years I have been involved in the design, construction and development of magnetic resonance laboratories (MRI Labs) and the creation of clean rooms or super-specialized laboratories where medical devices are designed and built, such as the latest generation large-format defibrillators such as microchips, heart prostheses, etc. Class II and III medical devices.

One of the challenges he has had to manage, for example, is to prove that even a small space of 60 square meters, already intended for other purposes, can be converted – in a short time and at reasonable costs – into Magnetic Resonance Lab Complete with preparation room, equipment room, MRI room, and control room.

All projects that have the potential to change people’s lives for the better and leave an imprint on society. The hope, of course, is to be able to return to Sicily one day, to make available to the country’s accumulated wealth of knowledge. And who knows what this dream is? Sooner or later it doesn’t come true.

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