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From Insigne to Dybala: It’s no offense to suggest lower wages for players! Indeed, this is necessary: ​​football is in crisis but there are those who pretend not to see

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“Italian football records losses of 1.2 billion and that money went into the hands of players who, with great selfishness, walked away while the clubs suffered. These guys are symbols and models for thousands of people in this time of crisis. The players did not.” They don’t do their part.” still: “We are talking about a privileged category that must be linked to the economic results of the team they are contracting with.” Head of Lega Serie A Luigi de Cervant Last November 15, during his “Social Football Summit” he brought up a topic that went unnoticed, however, after much discussion about contract renewal, he returned mostly and traced a loophole between those who suffer and those who pretend to. Nothing has happened in the past two years.

Now it should be clear: we are not talking about the vast majority of players, but about the most important players. They are few, and they move more money. In fact, these days they are the cause of the biggest budget holes because they signed decades before the Covid tsunami that overwhelmed global football. Warning: before that the clubs not footballers were overshadowed.
Just take the latest report from Deloitte to understand that major club football is in a slump: a drop in stadium revenues, in some cases money from TV and commercial rights. The higher it is, the more a contraction of the money raised will appear. The more debts at the head of football, the more the base suffers. De Servo always said on that occasion: “We are talking about a privileged category that has to be linked to the economic results of the team they are under contract with.” An unheard call now.

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Now, in football which has no money for 4-5 years, it is imperative that the players do their part as well. However, so far, they have not only succeeded in this, but we are also surprised if clubs offer renewals to players whose contracts expire in lower numbers. “He is a shameful Napoli captain in not trying to renew Insigne’s contract at any cost.” Or: “If Juventus wants to review the numbers of the Dybala agreement, it means that they do not believe in them …” Today these are the most popular versions that do not take into account an urgent need that includes all clubs. : Drop the pile. For a football club to be considered healthy, the maximum salary must be equal to 60% of the regulated salary. Today in Serie A there are those who reach 100%: how can you think about moving forward?

Here no one wants and can judge anyone’s choices, keep in mind. And if the players find an offer elsewhere that matches their request, they will have every right to accept it. However, they cannot be considered victims either: generally never, since they are at the very top of the mathematical pyramid for reward, especially in this period. So it is ironic that a club is accused because a player who earns 5-6-7 million euros a year gives less. Going forward this step does not mean not believing in this player, it means taking the only way forward: not returning to sustainability, but at least avoiding continuing to fall into debt.

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