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From Canada: “Pelligra rekindles the fuse of passion in Catania”

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On the slopes of Etna in Canada there is still room for a football renaissance. After examining the situation in Sicilian football in recent weeks and Catania stages from bankruptcy to rebirth, Particular attention is paid to the figure of Rosario Pelligra. Here are some excerpts from what we read on the Canadian Information Portal:

“Football, like life, does not belong to a fixed dimension, but grows by dynamism, it develops and changes quickly: from one moment to the next, everything collapses at birth. This is what happened in Catania. A year ago, who knows how many people would have imagined the rebirth of the club. : Catania clinched the Serie D championship with six games to go, lost Serie C and, above all, immediately recaptured it. Seems to have laid the foundations for an important, solid and ambitious future.

“Also, beyond the tangible results achieved so far in the field of sports, it is the plan of President Rosario Pelligra that has the great merit of re-igniting the fuse of passion waiting to be ignited. This is because Catania has always had a thirst for football, but lacked personalities capable of channeling this energy towards tangible goals. Now that they seem to be there, Rossozzurri fans can look ahead and know what is destined to grow stronger in the coming years: Catania is back”.


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