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From broom hockey to treasure hunt, CRE returns to Piazzatorre after 10 years

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From Monday 4 July to Friday 5 August, in Palapolenta in beaztorSummer recreation center activity reopens. To manage it, at the initiative of PRO LOCOthere will be group of young people From the village of Brimbana Valley, which has been dubbed ‘Melun Verde Summer Camp’.

“They were about to 10 years that CRE is no longer organized in Piazzatorre” Tells Pierluigi Areoli25 years old (Former Mixtape Promoter), Pro Loco Collaborator and Project Manager. “From 2005 to 2012, the summer activities proposed by ITC to tourists and residents were always multiple and combined. I, like many young people in the country, grew up in the spirit of cooperation that developed during the summer activities, and many of the people I met at the center became excellent friendships. and permanent.”

“Melone Verde” is now the brand that distinguishes all the projects promoted by young people in Piazzatorre. Born in 2017, it is supported by some volunteers who care about and create the area Moments of collecting and socializing To move the residence of vacationers and residents. This winter we already wrote about the production of an album (Piazzatorre Mixtape vol. 1) sung by about thirty non-professional girls and boys who live or frequent the upper Brembana Valley.

19 tracks on record tell rap music in a satirical way about the lives of young people in the Upper Valley, however, the proposal is aimed at youngsters now. But also “Miss and Mister Piazzatorre”, or “Piazzatorre Music Awards”, is always born from the enthusiastic imagination of the group. Mellon Verde Summer Camp targets all girls and boys, residents and tourists, born between 2009 and 2017Pierluigi Arioli asserts, “The place of reference is Palapolenta, but then many activities will take place throughout the Piazzatorre area precisely to be more attractive and to introduce, to those coming from abroad, some aspects of the country that are often not appreciated.” In fact, the “Treasure Hunting”Sports tournaments and theatrical performance that will be prepared during the camp.

“We want this to become a way 360 degree country experience – Arioli continues – Our goal is not only the purely personal enjoyment of the participants, but we want to ensure that this becomes a moment of promotion for the territory and the reason why people in the village, as it is already happening, through all this activity, rent apartments to spend their holidays with us. ”

The camp will take place in the afternoon from 2:30 pm to 6 pm – affirmation Carlotta Grissetti, 25 years old, collaborator and co-responsible of the project. Born in Bergamo but naturalized from Piaztur, Carlotta has gained experience not only in organizing events and demonstrations, but also as a kindergarten teacher. “The relationship with young children fascinates and excites me. Their nature is often disarming and sharing. We expected about fifteen boys to participate each week, but if there were more we would be happy. We would make use of the country’s resources by using Ice Palace to play a championship “scoop”Kind of I played hockey with sneakersOne corn broom, a foam ball instead of a disk but strictly on ice. We will have water games and a treasure hunt already announced, art activities to paint and create with pasta and sand and trips to Adventure Park. We will organize meetings with very active personalities in the area and we will visit some interesting and interesting local facts, we will organize picnics and snacks. At the end of the project, on Thursday, August 4, it will be implemented thral display Prepared by the boys.

for all this – Arioli concludes – We have to thank Roberto Piotti, President of Pro Loco, and Mayor of Piazzatorre Valeriano Bianchi because it will be thanks to the contributions made by Pro Loco and the municipality that “Melone Verde” will be able to breathe life into the summer camp 2022 inches Registrations in Pro Loco Office can be made online by writing to the email [email protected]

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