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France, 208 thousand infections in 24 hours: this did not happen very often. Also recorded in Denmark: more than 23 thousand cases. Poland: nearly 800 deaths in one day

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the France Overwhelmed by a wave of infections because of varante Omicron From Corona Virus. After recording more than 180,000 injuries yesterday, the country today sets a new record since the beginning of the epidemic, with 208 thousand cases in one dayAs announced by the Minister of Health, Olivier Ferrand, in front of the National Assembly.

But negative records are not only recorded outside the Alps. There is, too Denmark, the country with the world’s highest infection rate in terms of population, has seen unprecedented numbers since the start of the pandemic. I More than 23,000 people are infected On the last day the total population of less than 6 million, compared to 16,164 last Monday. However, the positivity rate remains stable, given the large number of swabs performed in light of the holidays.

The situation is very dangerous in PolandThe highest daily number of Covid-related deaths was recorded since last April. This was reported by the health authorities in the past 24 hours The number of confirmed deaths is 794, with 15,571 new infections. 75% of these were not vaccinated. According to data from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), only 55.1% of the Polish population are immunized with two doses of the vaccine and only 16% have received the third dose.

There is, too Scotland It set a new daily infection record since the beginning of the pandemic, reaching 15,849 cases, of which about 80% are represented by the Omicron variant. over there first Minister Nicola Sturgeon Citizens advised to stay at home ‘for a longer period of time than usual’ before new years During the first week of January. The peak of infections also a Malta. In the past week, there have been numbers not seen since the beginning of the pandemic. The new record was broken, with 1,298 cases in just 24 hours yesterday, with 1,337 cases. As for the resident population, it is as if more than 160,000 have been registered in Italy. The maximum new daily positivity in the previous stages was 510 on March 10.

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