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Fourth Republic, “Ethnic Cleansing by the Azov Battalion.” Tony Capuzzo reports on the Donbass – El Tempo

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Tony Capuzzo does not give up an inch of the war between Russia and Ukraine. Journalist and Battlefields reporter is a guest on the April 25 episode of The Fourth Republic, the Rete4 talk show that sees Nikola Burrow in action, sparing no criticism of the Ukrainian front for what he did prior to the invasion of Russia. Also for NATO and its role as a promoter of war in the world: “Every point of view on peace is precious. Over the years the Azov battalion practiced ethnic cleansing in the Donbass, and they are pragmatic Nazis. The Ukrainian army they recruited is widely used. For me, Europe does not know what victory is. Because it’s Joe Biden’s America that decides. Tell me an example in which the West you intervened with weapons left a better world?

In addition to Capuozzo, Giulio Terzi di Sant’Agata, Italian diplomat and politician, Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Monti government is also a guest of the Borough: “April 25 is the day of freedom for a large number of Italians and at this moment the freedom that persecuted Ukrainians defend with their resistance. Intervention NATO in Kosovo to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. Everywhere we went – responding to the words of the reporter – we left a better world and thank God we are under America’s hat! This Vladimir Putin’s war has always been aimed at Europe.”

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