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Four characters and three cities, initial plans revealed by a report from Axios magazine – Nerd4.life

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Stephen Totilo – journalist for Axios newspaper – revealed some information about GTA 6 Specifically, with regard to the initial plans of Rockstar Games, which aim to Four characters and three cities in one game.

That’s all Totilo pointed out. Universe Plans have already been canceledIt is credible that there is not much other information circulating. However, what was revealed is interesting for another reason: it allows us to understand how ambitious GTA 6 is in the plans of Rockstar Games. After GTA 5, the company definitely wanted to offer something more massive.

However, we specify that according to the full report by Jason Schreier, GTA 6 is still quite large, with more internal environments. Moreover, the idea of ​​the company seems to be Game expansion Over time with new cities and new content: it is therefore possible that some of the initial ideas will continue to be realized and disseminated in the months and years following the game’s release.

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The decision to limit the volume of GTA 6 can also be linked to a will rock games To become a more balanced company, with a better working environment for employees (or in other words, avoiding the crisis as much as possible). We’ve already talked about this too, in our dedicated newsfeed showing the company’s steps forward.

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