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Formula 1: Canadian GB 2022 rebroadcast times in Montreal

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Ninth GP of the season, Circus In Montreal, Canada. If you can not follow the Grand Prix live, then no problem! Programming of Sky Sports “Gilles Villeneuve” lets you see and review everything about racing.

How to view Canadian GB 2022 on Sky

First stream of rebroadcasts on Sky Sport F1 at 11pm. But a detailed schedule of rebroadcasts can be discussed further Online guide to the website. Available half an hour after the race.

Montreal GP on Highlights, News, Interviews

For those who can not be in front of the TV for a live broadcast of the race, no problem: it is possible to follow. Canadian GP From one even to the last corner Skills Or from a Tablet: With Skyco And the ability to see the evolution of the Grand Prix live on your device in real time. With, In the lap of live message on the lap. News, Rumors and Photos Feel yourself on track along with the heroes of the World Championship. At the end of the race, videos of the most important moments: overtaking, crashes and pit stops to live with an array of high definition content and recover F1’s emotions like never before. There is another innovation in a featured page with the approval of drivers and groups social networks: All in real time, GB after GB.

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