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“Forli must remain humble”

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“A race that started badly and ended even worse.” This is how coach Mauro Antonioli commented on his first defeat at the head of Forli (1-3 against Corticella). A deserved defeat based on what we saw in the first half. As for the second half, “we could have easily tied or won.” However, we were not good at the approach, which made life difficult for ourselves. We didn’t look for simple things, we were slow in turning the ball over and we didn’t look for attackers. After deploying the forwards with the attacking midfielder, we were supposed to make the game vertical right away, but we didn’t, allowing Corticilla to close the ball down. In the second half, even though the conditions were there to reopen it, we did not achieve it.”

For Antonioli, Forli’s disadvantages outweigh their opponents’ advantages. “They came first on the second ball and on a physical level they dominated us, but I did not see Corticilla more organized than us. They were hungrier and this must not happen: We cannot believe that we have become a strong team, we must remain humble, and yet, in the first half, I saw a lightness that we cannot afford.” He ends by criticizing Corticilla’s behavior: “You also need to know how to win.” ».

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