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For the first time, an animated series is live-action ⋆ Star Wars Addicted

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As well as different episodes Star Wars: Ahsoka It is broadcast on Disney+ We are witnessing important innovations at the narrative and semantic levels. star Wars We are already accustomed to a series of Citations and references This applies to almost every frame of his work, heightening the intensity of decoding to which the viewer is exposed. This therefore has an impact on his engagement and emotional appeal. If we are busy trying to understand what the author wants to convey, and at the same time identifying all the references, we will have a feeling of greater transport, which will increase interest in what we see.

From this standpoint, there is nothing new. What has changed in Ahsoka is that a large portion of the quotes and references refer to contents that originated in one Animation seriesspecifically Rebelswhich constitutes a fact the next. In the Part 7 Which debuted on Disney+, we have many interesting examples of this phenomenon.

For the first time, a live-action producer has expanded an animated product in such a sustained way. Not only do we take great care in casting and reproducing their outfits compared to their original counterparts seen in the animated series, but also The actors do a sumptuous job of reproducing the facial expressions and postures actually seen in the film Rebels. For the first time we are faced with such meticulous work to reproduce in live action something that was born in animation dimensions.

Author Dave Filoni I paid close attention to these components. Having worked for so long to make the viewer sympathize with these characters, he wants to exploit this baggage by trying to make them as familiar as possible even in their real-life meaning. Natasha Liu Bordizzo Incredibly similar to Sabine Wren The same can be said about Iman Esfandi towards Ezra Bridger. Lars Mikkelsen And the Throw Perfect, moreover, dubbed in the Italian version by the same voice actor that the Grand Admiral had in Rebels. And also Rosario Dawson She’s obviously gorgeous as Ahsoka.

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In short, the key word is continuity. Ezra winks and fights As in Rebels, Sabine reacts equally consistently. The way the two bicker is noteworthy because it is reminiscent of certain moments from Rebels, while Ahsoka, holding his own with… Canon And with his new rank Jedi Masterit’s more Relaxed and thoughtful, less reckless and more balanced. It’s unfortunate that a TV product like Ahsoka couldn’t be produced on another budget. For example, in order to be completely loyal, Sabine had to jump from shell to shell in combat with Thrawn’s militia. db Which includes i NB on Postal They are more flexible and exciting in combat, just like in the rebels. But such a scene would have required a stunt double and a digital reproduction of Sabine’s body, requiring a different budget.

As for Thrawn, he is equally impressive in his attitudes and lines of dialogue, consistent not only with the rebels but also with the novels. Timothy Zahn. He’s always tough, clear-headed, and focused on the big picture. He moves his forces decisively and always has a goal: Stay one step ahead of the enemy. This is easy for him because he knows how to anticipate his opponents’ moves. It’s a throwaway halfway between Zahn’s novels and the throwback we saw in Rebels.

In Zahn, Thrawn practically cannot lose, he is essentially destined for eternal victory, as his military genius naturally compensates for his insensitivity to the Force. In Insurgent, Filoni jumped through hoops, not always consistently, to justify Thrawn defeats the rebels. Consistency in canon means Ahsoka won’t be defeated. However, we know that in one of the so-called Disney products “the wicked” They should give up, even if the fact remains that a predictable Thrawn defeat would diminish the quality of the series, which is currently approaching the highest levels. But we will talk about this after the eighth and final part is shown next Wednesday.

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Thrawn praises his opponentsWho is he Imperials They usually don’t, and that makes him a very interesting character, just as Zane envisioned him from the beginning. Within content that is both very new and very old at the same time, because it takes certain assumptions from the previous Star Wars trilogy, the overall meaning of the Ahsoka series is related to Peaceful. Ezra db He rejects the lightsaber as he embraces it The Jedi philosophy is based on self-defense but never attack. And Ahsoka herself had only given a teaching to this effect in a few episodes before…

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