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For 25 years there was no place for us, the lyrics were given

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Al Galles, Fabio Ricci and Alessandra Drosian have taken to venting on social media. For the umpteenth time, their song has been excluded from the Sanremo Festival. Here are the lyrics of the song provided.

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Amadeus has announced the names of the 22 Big of the Sanremo 2022 Festival. In these hours, artists who will be able to take over the Ariston Theater in February are posting videos of their reactions when they learn they’re in a Sanremo cast. If 22 singers get a nice surprise, several artists learned during Tg1 that they weren’t selected. Among them there are also sitting, who in these hours breathed on social networks and spread the lyrics of the song “This is exactly what we lackThey proposed to Amadeus.

Galis explodes after his exclusion from San Remo 2022

Galis, Fabio Ricci and Alessandra Drossian, who won the 1997 Sanremo Festival with the song Fiumi di Parole, expressed their bitterness at not being able to walk on the Ariston stage anymore:

“Last year I wrote a long post about Jalisse’s 24 consecutive exceptions from the Sanremo Festival. Today there are 25 songs and 25 festival exceptions, but this time I let people talk. The famous reboot isn’t for everyone; we Jalis don’t have space on the Sanremo Festival crew. , but you can talk about us and make quotes. What song did we play this year at San Remo 2022? A song about searching for ourselves and what we need to remember to get back to where we were Title “This is exactly what we’ve been missing” This is the text that Written by Ale and Fabio to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1997 Sanremo Festival triumph (and 30 years of life together).

Here below the song lyrics are excluded.

That’s exactly what we’re missing: the lyrics

This is exactly what we lack

We were dirty and our clothes were broken

With the wind blowing her fallen hair

And mud on the face of a long tale

Without a penny in his pocket, that was in the fifties

We were looking for new ways to get out

In the post-war period of difficult life

Which is still difficult now, in the daily challenge

I look in the mirror and see my dream

Not far fetched.

This is exactly what we lack

The crusty bread you never had before

Broken shoes you didn’t bring

The patch you have on pants you never sewed.

From those tables of polenta and sauce

Ran to hide and look for it to find a hole

It is said “taken” from a hand like a snare

Foreplay turns into your first kiss

Look in the mirror now, take your dream

It is not unattainable.

This is exactly what we still lack

Come back to lock us up and from a thousand we are one

We are people looking for light in the woods

It even costs fasting days.

Just look at our tired parents

And our ancestors who now live far away

How did they laugh when they were children?

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Like a seagull’s flight

towards happiness.

If that’s what we’re really missing

Let’s see each other again like in a silent movie

Black and white there is a color from the past

And the warmth of the future that awaits us outside…


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