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Football, the ninth edition of Curieone’s “Leonardo da Vinci”.

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A day dedicated to values to loyaltyAnd respect And friendship. I went to the institute team “Leonardo Da Vinci” there Ninth edition affiliate Starring Andrea Corrionand dedicated to memory Disciple of Etis “Caramuel” He died due to a motorcycle accident on April 14, 2010 appearance She returns later Three year hiatus imposed by Covid Teams participated City secondary schools who faced each other in Medan “Merlo” stadiumenabled by the municipal administration In cooperation with Vigevano sports pool and the Football Vigevano 1921.

The Casale Institute team took second place

in the semi-finals “Leonardo Da Vinci” led Professor Simon Lajonegro, ai has passed penalty shootout the Cairoliby training Professor Andrea Spadarowhile the “Caramuel Roncalli” affiliate Professor Ricardo G I had to surrender to “country house”led Professor Carmine Rinaldi vs. 2-1. Meetings were directed by the referees Available by Aya della Lumelina Commission Directed by Marco Peden.

Before the contention of the finals Professor Gianni Della Porta he have Remember Andrea Curione And with him all these They are young Unfortunately premature disappear.

Caramuel Roncalli’s team faked the “Final”

final to From the third to the fourth Where did you go? “Caramuel Roncalli” who went through it 1-0 High school Cairoli. with the With the same result, “Leonardo da Vinci” won the final on “Casal”. At the end all participants were rewarded Andrei’s parentsto, Paola and Giuseppe Curione.

The Cairoli formation finished in fourth place

there Teachers Committee He finally got it Best goalkeeper award to Gabriel Carnival Cianca (Cairoli) while a Luca Servelli (Caramuel) The award went as The best player in the tournament.

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