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Football Promotion Tournament – The challenge between Junior Calcio Pontestura and Pastorfrigor Stay arrives in Bianchi

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David Versus Julia
Presentation of the eleventh day

The eleventh round of the tournament presents another chapter in the challenge between Junior Calcio Pontestura and Pastorfrigor Stay. The two teams playing their matches on Bianchi’s artificial pitch come head-to-head after a very favorable day. Pastorfrigor Stay coach Perotti leads Group D with 25 points and came back from a 3-1 comeback at Beppe Viola Calcio. A simultaneous defeat of Valenzana Madu’s team at Paris Saint-Germain moved Rossoblu up by four lengths. The Ovadies hold up, one short of the summit. After 10 days, the difference between the first in the standings and the fifth (last place in the playoffs) is already bad: 10 points. To all this must be added the Italian Cup campaign, with Michelrio and his companions reaching the quarter-finals.

JCP’s goal is very different and the recent 2-0 victory over Castellazzo has given the environment some calm. The road to salvation is still long, but the six points obtained in the last three rounds with Trofarello and Castellazzo bode well. Let’s add the physical recovery of athletes who have been away from the field for a long time and we will get a much calmer little player than a month ago. Next Sunday’s match (2.30pm) is important for the “City” competition, but it must not be tested in the wrong way by Rukia and company. Salvation remains the primary objective, and with four games to play before the break, the crossover with Pastorfrigor Stay shouldn’t focus too much attention. To reach the mid-season mark, JCP will have to compete (in order) with Novese, Gaviese, Arquatese and Pozzomaina. Without disrespecting anyone, 360 Minutes is certainly within reach of the Pellingerie boys. Moreover, the booking situation became difficult as well, as three players were suspended: Amine, Fiazy and Roccia.

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This is what a cold, detached, brain-only analysis suggests. Then of course there is the irrational part, the heart and emotions dictated part. There are two recent defeats in the Italian Cup and conceded seven goals to “revenge”. There is a desire to carry out the departure of the leaders, to decorate the season with important “scalps”. Someone said that the people of Derby City have no expectations, and can be determined by a ring and a myriad of factors that have nothing in common with logic. Personally, I don’t believe it, because the numbers speak for themselves and never lie. But it would be nice, at least for 90 minutes, to let oneself drift in the dream, in the certainty (apparent on the field) in an atmosphere of great, reciprocal sportsmanship.

Pastorfrigor residence: Parisi, Loza, Conte, Miglietta, Secogna, Marianini, Mola, Lomelo, Polano, Josio, Francinelli, Zaya, Molichi, Margaglio, Michelrio (Cap.), Grosso, Giarola, Modena, Zafiro, Primoli, Aimaro, Bosco, Julien Micillus Church. Everyone: Beiruti.

Next round (20-11-2022): Arquatese-Asca AL; Calcio Novice- Baby Viola Calcio; Pastorfrigor-JCP; Castellazzo Velizano Atletico Torino – Ovadesi Gavese San Giacomo Cherry; Trofarillo-PSG; Valencia Mado Bozumina.

classification: Pastorfrigor 25, Ovadese 24, Valenzana Mado 21, Atletico Torino 16, rofarello 15, Castellazzo, Gaviese, PSG 14, JCP 12, Novese, Felizzano 11, Arquatese, Pozzomaina, Asca AL 10, Beppe Viola Calcio 9, San Giacomo Chieri 5.


2018-19 Piedmont Cup: JCP-Stay O Party-0-0

2018-19 Piedmont Cup: Stay O Party-JCP-1-0 (44′ Arfuso)

Class I 2018-19: JCP-Stay O Party-2-5 (28′ Arfuso, 34′ Ubertazzi, 35′ Arfuso, 37′ Abrazdha, 64′ Boccaccio, 65′ Volpato, 70′ Di Martino)

Class I 2018-19: Stay O Party-JCP-1-1 (45′ Vergnasco, 90′ Abrazdha)

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Friendly match 2019-20: JCP-Pastorfrigor-4-4 (6′ Casone, 10′ ttico, 11′ Grimaldi, 17′ Patrucco, 20′ Zamburlin, 47′ Casone, 70′ Geminardi, 71′ Vetri)

Piedmont Cup 2019-20: Stay O Party-JCP-1-1 (28′ Abrazhda penalty, 61′ DiMartino)

Class I 2019-20: Stay O Party-JCP-0-2 (45′ Di Martino, 73′ penalty Vergnasco)

Class I 2019-20: JCP-Stay O Party-0-2 (3′ Micillo penalty, 90′ + 1′ Kerroumi)

Friendly match 2020-21: Stay O Party-JCP-0-2 (26′ Vergnasco, 69′ DiMartino)

Italian Cup 2022-23: JCP-PastorStay-0-3 (Moleci, Zaia, Grosso)

Italian Cup 2022-23: PastorStay-JCP-4-1 (19′ Tommasi, 33′ Mullici, 34′ Micillo, 36′ Penalty Mullici, 41′ Modena)

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