Home sport Football promotion: Gabichi Gradara, Tres Lavalvoglia (3-0). Playoff at -2

Football promotion: Gabichi Gradara, Tres Lavalvoglia (3-0). Playoff at -2

Football promotion: Gabichi Gradara, Tres Lavalvoglia (3-0).  Playoff at -2

Gabicce Gradara beat Valfoglia 3-0 and extended the winning streak to six useful results (four wins and two defeats), reaching -2 from fifth. A well-deserved success, at the end of a convincing performance seasoned with three well-made goals. First in the first break at 20 minutes: Grandicelli runs from his own three quarters to look for Viglio, surprises the guests’ high defense: the handsome defender Magnani only touches the ball with his head and the home striker has a free space to advance and shoot inside the area in the corner to the left of the goalkeeper. In the 24th minute, with a powerful free kick from Grandicelli from the left, no one hit the crossbar. At 31′ Valfoglia is dangerous: a trocar free kick around Elzaj, goalkeeper Bulzinetti swerves into the corner to his left and soon after Elzaj ends up leaning on the edge of the post to the goalkeeper’s right.

In the second half, on a free kick, Costa kicked around and the slightly skewed ball touched the post and touched the post. It is the beginning of the doubling, which Costa himself signed with a deadly free kick from the left flank from a distance of twenty meters past the barrier and surprising the goalkeeper. The game is in the hands of the Papini team but Valfoglia does not give up. At 32′ he wastes a good opportunity with Carpentieri who, in a long throw, central side kicks to the high side; On a corner by Cenciarini Magnani with a high send header (37′). Soon after, the trio was signed again by Vegliò after a left group action that ended in Prandelli’s heel in favor of his partner. The striker enters the area and passes the goalkeeper diagonally. Final action in the 42nd minute: Cenciarini descending on the left, from behind inside the area, put the ball in the middle of the area for Elizag’s sure shot that blocked just before the goal line.

artistic At the end of the race, coach Mirco Babini was satisfied with the performance of his team: “I asked for the continuation of the results and the performance, well, we extended the useful streak to six results with four wins, two of them in a row and also in terms of performance we made a step forward. We were balanced, and did not We receive only a few opponents who have won six away games and are ahead of us in the standings. The goals were beautiful too, in the beginning we had credit for the ball above the defense to look for our striker and we also prepared on the eve of knowing the characteristics of the opponent. We conceded no goal for the second game in a row. We We need to improve our dribbling skills, in character, and play in more order at certain stages of the match where we still feel a little crazy. Now there are two very important challenges waiting for us to understand our future: Saturday in Montecchio and in the next round against Barbara the Magi.”

Match Report

Gabichi Gradara – Valvoglia 3-0

Gabes Gradara: Pulzinetti, Divino, Costa (24′ Cenote Street), Grandicelli (16′ Via Faerani), Passeri (42′ Sabatini), Maggioli, D’Addario, Innocentini, Prandelli (40′ Grassi Street), Serafini (40 minutes) Sant Ciaronne ), Viglich. Available Casali, Ulloa, Grassi, Granci, Montebelli. Babini flocks.

Valvoglia: Adebiyi, Capi (30′ st. Donati), Cenciarini, Elezaj, Magnani, Sanchini, Scoccimarro, Diomede, Serafini, Carpentieri (36′ Friducci Street), Manca. Available calzone, tattoo, simoncini, jeonchetti. Angelini flocks.

Rule: Missionary Macerata (Beluji and Zilla of Ancona)

Networks: 20′ pt Vegli, 18′ st. Costa, 39th Street. Watch

Note: nearly 200 spectators. Angles: 2-4. Booked: Prandelli, Innocentini, Cappi, Costa, Magnani, Divino.


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