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Football – Promotion, Day 2: Atlético Morena and Lariano fly out, and Velletri and Colonna are out. Sporting Arecia draws

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The second day of the tournament was held on Sunday, September 24 promotionWith many teams Roman castles And not just participating in different groups. Although it’s only the beginning, the values ​​of teams aiming to have a great year this season are starting to emerge.

In the second group – after the resounding defeat on the first day – In J. S. Velitri He loses again, this time at home in front of his fans. In Giovanni Scavo’s Stadium B packed with fans, the Veliterni were narrowly beaten Monterotondo They remain in penultimate place (ahead of Viterpezzi, who started with a penalty kick). In the same group a bad defeat for Vibrant grottaferrataWho lost 4-1 to Rieti Poggio mertito.

In the third group, the first defeat this season for the team SPQV filetre Who lost 1-0 in Trastevere to Yellow-green griffon. Instead it is equivalent Sporting AreciaWho tied his first match at home 1-1 Great resource. Convenience turned to Roca Priora RDPAfter his big win in his first appearance.

In Group D there is a lot of good news for the teams in our region. They fly to the top of the standings with full points Atletico Morena And Invincible PomeziaThe former won at home with a score of 1-0 Valachilavenyoand the latter who won 3-2Atletico Torrenova In a very difficult race.

He also wins in front of his fansAtletico LarianoWhich he won 2-0 Ticina Sports Centre It rises to 4 points in the ranking. In other matches, the team had bad defeats column – who lost to him 3-1 Martila Valley After an excellent draw on his debut – W Virtus ArdeaWho instead emerged defeated by a score of 3-1 in the match against him Sikano. He rested it Sporting San Cesario.

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