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Football | Promotion – Bitter debut for Cutrone defeated by Montalto ~

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Football | promotion – Mr. Leon expected the match in Montalto to be difficult, and that is what happened. The hosts got the three points with a combination of goals, but that did not reflect the progress of the match.

It was an ‘public’ match between two teams with very different ambitions. Montalto is aiming for the championship title, while Team Sella is aiming to maintain this category. Cutrone took to the field with four under-19 players, a young team, the oldest of whom, so to speak, is from 1999 (captain Simone Melita). In fact, the Giallorossi paid a lot for their inexperience.

The result could be deceiving as Cutrone played almost equally well against Montalto, also creating seven clear goal chances which were squandered due to the goalkeeper’s skill and inaccuracy in front of goal by the Giallorossi.

The score was 2-1 in the second half, Cutrone had two great chances to equalize but they were also wasted. In fact, from the second opportunity missed by the Giallorossi striker, the start of the second half was born, leading to the third goal for the home team.

In the end, despite the result, it was a good match for Cutrone that should give Mr. Leone a lot to think about.

Grading board

Signs: A. Brett (centre) 12 minutes; R. Brett (C) 49′; Mosovic Gargis (C) 58′; R. Brett (C) 75′; W. Brett (J) 85′.

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