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Football, Moise Kean resigns from the European Under-21 Championship for lack of motivation. Even when the Olympics don’t attract…

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Little desire and little interest in the Under21 colours. News of this kind comes from withdrawal The Italian national team, led by Paolo Nicolatowhich is preparing for the final stage of European class with The goal of winning the continental title and unlocking the ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympics, cf. in Cinque Cerchi who finds us absent in the case of a definite discipline for too long. Indeed, in the last three editions of the Games, Italy football has not achieved its goal. Hopefully, the streak won’t continue any further.

Well, for this reason, Nicolato also wanted to extend to players who, already with some experience, could be an added value to the tricolor team. This is the situation Moise Kean. The Juventus striker, who has scored 8 goals in 40 matches this year, could have played a leading role, in a context where his physical fitness could have been a factor.

If you remember what happened in the last two years with the coach of the national team, Robert Mancini, who excluded him from the group that won the European Championships, this opportunity could have been a means of “rehabilitation”, given the inappropriate positions of the case. From this point of view, There was a step backif we want to define it this way.

As confirmed by various media, in fact, Kane left regression in the run-up to the European Championship, after being interviewed by Nicolato. The footballer showed little motivation to take part in the expedition, his willingness to let go of the competition and feel like a fish out of water. No physical problem justifies this choice. A very dubious situation that indicates the prestige of an athlete who, in fact, did not want to wear the blue jersey in a context of high prestige and value in his career.

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