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Football: Gelorossi derby at Benelli

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The eleventh day of the tournament will see Benelli play a full yellow-red match in yet another Romanian derby, with Ravenna and Samurici facing each other at 2.30pm.

A game that promises to be of sure balance, in fact by analyzing the tournament standings, we find the Samorese directly in front of Ravenna with the teams separated by one length, the result of a tournament starting above the lines by the men trained by Marco Marchini.

Sammaurese is a team that has been built with the goal of a peaceful redemption and can count on a team that is certainly rich in elements of experience, who know the category well and certainly perform well, such as centre-back Benedetti, midfielder Scarponi and this Merlonghi. Who was also able last year to rise to the top scorers, scoring 19 goals.

In Sanmore, we find two former, the first Adamu Haruna who last year wore the Ravenna shirt and played 24 elaborate matches with two goals in the score sheet, moreover, among the guests, we also find Emmanuel Maltoni, a player who grew up in yellow. And the red youth sector which has been employed as a central defender or midfielder, often associated with the first team, has also been included in the team’s roster for some occasions in the 19/20 Third Division. At San Mauro, Maltoni reinvented himself as an attacking player capable of scoring up to 3 goals at the start of the season.

This week Ravenna was able to run safely, dispelling the disappointment of Riccione’s equalizer, focusing on what was missing to scratch the opponent’s grim defence. For this match, Mr. Serbini still has to dispense with Marangon who is the only absentee from the squad, for Giacomo there is still a slight inflammation limiting him in training, but it is hoped that he will be able to recover in the next match at home against him. cortical;

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The Giallorossi’s goal, in addition to the obvious goal of returning the three points in front of their fans, is to continue this positive streak for three games without conceding goals and to be able to achieve more effectively what is produced in offensive terms. . If the chances produced in Riccione’s game from this point of view are not many, the certainty that Serpini can count on is that far from Giallorossi in the offensive phase, they have always had a high-level performance. Serpini’s words on the eve of the meeting: “We are facing a well-rounded, well-organised, well-balanced team that collects many points. We expect to do better than we did in Riccione, we built a little bit from the usual and I want to see a different game tomorrow. We want to get back to producing what we did.” In these matches and scoring some other goals. This team has huge untapped potential, we have to explode it.”

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