October 4, 2023

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Football Excellence Fortis seeks to keep Lastrigiana in attack – Sport

Football Excellence Fortis seeks to keep Lastrigiana in attack – Sport

After yesterday’s lead (Grassina-Chiantigiana 2-1), Excellence completes its fourth day of return starting at 2.35pm. The group in Lastrigiana-Pol. Camaiore (Rosini refereed from Livorno). In the big “Guardiana” match with the challenge between the top scorers: Bianchi and Geracci. Local Biancurse without Corradi and Del Pela. San Marco Avenza Cigna (Bassetti Luca). Signa without Becagli, Franzoni and Intreccialagli.

GROUP C Figline 1965-Porta Romana (Labruna di Pontedera). Unwelcome, Degl’Innocenti faces the leaders Figline Porta Romana without Vecchi. Fortis, Juventus, Nova Vojano (Nicolai de Pistoia). Big party today at “Romanelli” for the Italian Regional Cup won by Fortis. For the occasion, entry is only €5, while it’s free for ladies over 70 and under 18. Fortis without Bruni. Rovini is absent from Vojano and coach Zacchi appears for the first time on the bench. West Florence-Baldaccio Bruni (Santinelli di Bergamo). Guidi has to do without Pecchioli, Falciani and Luka. Sinalunges pontasive (Monfolito di Pra). Brachi will not be able to use Corsi, Alessio Fantechi, and Morrison. Antella Terranova (Amadi from Terni, Antella without Vitali and coach Alari, guests without coach Calorie are ineligible.

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