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Football, emotions in today’s three derbies: Here’s the weekend report!

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The weekend of the three derbies, as the experts called them the day before, ended with two draws and a great success, in addition to many other valuable results.

All eyes were on Boccissimo, as Fussano found happiness again in Iselenza, winning 2-1 over Giovannel Centalo (Comino), thanks to a Bongiovanni double.

In promotion, the first sore spot (but it’s mid-October!) is for San Sebastiano, who receives his first knockout on CBS, despite maintaining his first place at +1 over Bedona.

In the second derby of the day, of the first category, the defenders decided: Reinero was ahead of Sant Albano, well served by his teammate Mori, but in the 92nd minute, Garis saved the game and Morazzo advanced.

In Seconda, the third derby ends emotionlessly, with Salles and San Biagio sharing the bets in “Pochissimo” in a not very lively 0-0 match. Emotions offered by the Orange Server, with their first success of the season against Sporting Savigliano. The score was made 3-2 by Tavernetti (double) and Oteri.

In the third category, in the Group C bid, it includes the team of Benizzi, who scored three goals in Raku 86 (two from Seravegna and Jargba), and Giovanelli Ginola, who scored five goals at the Lions (Bartolio Pace, then Rinaldi, Mujahid and Riva). ). In the second group, the penalty kick scored by Maro for Villavalito against Revello was not enough, while in the first group Trinita took first place, achieving a hat-trick of goals against Roccafione (Salzotto, Vale and Varchetto), while Movi fell for the first time, suffering defeat. 2-4 by Auxillium cuneo.

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All weekend matches

Excellence B – Round 6
Fussano-Giovanelli Centalo 2-1 (here’s the story)

Promotion C – Round 6
CBS – San Sebastiano 1-0

Category 1 and Round 6
Sant’Albano Morazzo 1-1 (here’s the story)

Category 2G – Fourth round
Sales-San Biagio 0-0 (here is the story)
Orange Server – Sporting Savigliano 3-2

Category 3A – Fourth round
Trinita Roccafioni 3-0
Movi Centalo-Auxillium Cuneo 2-4

Category 3B – Fourth round
Revello-Viafallito 3-1

Category Three C – Fourth Round
Benez-Raco 86 3-1
Lions United Alba – Giovanelli Ginola 0-5

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