Home sport Football challenges in the historical Italian league style live on Dazn – Chronicle

Football challenges in the historical Italian league style live on Dazn – Chronicle

Football challenges in the historical Italian league style live on Dazn – Chronicle

by Iakubo Nathan

Between the Serie A, European Cups, great American sports and other major sporting events on the world stage, DZN has also acquired the rights to broadcast live for the 2022 edition of historic Florentine football. Last year, in fact, the municipality sold the television rights to the historic tournament to Indiana Productions for two years plus one, divided into two packages: the rights to broadcast soccer uniforms live on TV in Tuscany, and those for global broadcasting. . If it came to local live broadcasting, Toscana TV was to ensure that the semi-finals and final could be broadcast on June 24, broadcasting went to the well-known platform, which more and more Italians have learned in recent years to use to follow the top football league.

In the past hours, a rumor spread in the city about a possible agreement between Dazen and historic football, until official confirmation arrived directly from the company. What seemed like indiscretion is now official. In fact, Dazn has confirmed that it has acquired the rights from Indiana Productions to stream the 2022 edition of Calcio Storico. In a few days the formalization and official presentation of the table will arrive.

The live broadcast leader returns to reach the spotlight in Florence after dedicating an episode of “Fedi” to the capital, the original format available on the podium that tells the spirit of Italian cities through football.

Then, the faith and tradition of football will return to intertwine, this time live, to tell for the first time on DAZN, the feelings related to football, historical, from another perspective. The possibility of seeing you in DAZN increases the historical football gathering area even more. A step forward in terms of broadcasting, despite the controversy surrounding the release, is by following the old method of selling tickets, which is still only physically available.

“I am very happy – adds Michel Bergidi, president of the historic Florence football team -. Broadcasting on Dazen is certainly something of great prestige, as well as a great pride for all of us, but also for me, who has been president for 12 years.

I remember where I got it from, and knowing I brought it to Dozen is a source of great pride and satisfaction.”


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