December 8, 2023

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Football category two: between Gambolo and Casulizzi ends in a tie (2-2)

Football category two: between Gambolo and Casulizzi ends in a tie (2-2)

Derby recovery between Gambolo and Casulezi ends in a draw (2-2). So Cassolese only manages half way to extend Zibido up the standings, with biancoblù only +2 from Milanese. In the first half of the match, Garavaglia’s side controlled the match, but could not find a way to score, wasting several chances. Gambol capitalized on it by taking the lead with about 25 minutes thanks CondeloCold in tackling the ball into the corner as soon as he served it on the break. Casulizzi tries to react and equalizes in the 35th minute from a penalty kick Sidonius, cool in Ferri offset. A few minutes pass and the biancoblù completes the return utili, the fastest to exploit the defender’s slip with bombs by scoring with a perfect diameter. In the second half, Gambolo raises the center of gravity and seizes control of the game in search of an important tie in terms of ranking, which he found after about a quarter of an hour again with Condelo Good at turning the ball into the net when crossing. After the bomb draw, the match returned to balance: the only reported episode was a crossbar that Casulizzi hit with Lombardo after a corner kick. A missed opportunity for the biancoblo, who will experience the Christmas holidays as leaders and winter champions. It is an excellent point instead for Gambolo, the first of the Arioli era, important for morale and for a poor rating compared to expectations.

Results and standings – Category 2, Group T

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