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football. Boxing Day starts with Brescia and Palermo

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The final round of the first leg BKT series will open with Brescia PalermoThe match at 12:30 on December 26 is entirely dedicated to the Cadet Tournament.

The two teams reach the challenge that concludes 2022 in the most extreme conditions possible. Rosanero come off a 2-1 home win against El Cagliari, perhaps the highest peak of the season as evidenced by its hard-won eleventh place in the rankings. the Swallows Instead, they started out very well, but have dropped a lot in the past few weeks.

In the last 12 games played, they only had 3 points against them Spal. The 6-2 knockout he made Barry to me “Saint Nicholas” It was a real negative turning point for the Lombard club. formation Babe Klootwhich was initially embracing higher ambitions, gradually lost certainty, and now there are only 24 points in the standings, only one point more than the Sicilian team, whose influence with the new category is somewhat complicated.

If on the one hand Palermo resist with Eugene Corine On the seat Even in the most difficult moments (a flashback to the coach’s recent past), the breccia During the week he decided to change the coach. He was removed from office ClotetPresident Massimo Cellino He chose the former Regina in his place Alfredo Agetti. For the coach, the goal will be to reach the break, a period in which he will have the opportunity to influence the team, with a positive outcome that can lift the morale of the players and the environment. It is difficult to turn Eleven with thoughts in a few days, but on the mental level the coach is asked rather to give an immediate shock.

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the PalermoFor his part, he sees the playoffs with only three points and can count on a toughness not shown before. Although I did not change the interpreters, Corine Made many elements more accessible by launching a 3-5-2 system instead of 4-3-3. Matego It seems safer than the right arm, as well room He managed to make a greater contribution as a fifth left winger in place of a fullback. Also Frances Di Mariano He is able to be more in life than the events taking place around him Matthew BrunoriCurrently “Pablito” From BKT series together with Walid Shadira. In the midline, the growth passes rather than the dovetail Leo Stolac And the Claudius Gomez, who manage to share field missions and spaces despite having similar characteristics from a technical point of view. In this perspective, integration Jacobo will run Which ensures more muscle strength for the department. Looking forward to another big summer purchase Dario SarekAll other baits find their size.

If individuals are considered, even breccia However, it is certainly a dangerous organic substance. Few offensive pairs are so well matched Florian I And the Stephen MoreauFurthermore it Flavio Bianchi Off the bench he has clearly shown that he can be an unpredictable factor in the goal area and therefore a valuable resource.

Even the midfield, although it often deteriorates due to absence, is certainly qualitative and competitive. From recovering most of what is available and being able to integrate Tom Van de Loy And the Federico Vivianisomewhat similar to what happened to Rosanero.

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The human stuff is there to ruin the fate of the season. Agility A daunting task, but also a great opportunity to prove your worth in a very important box. Living at the level of 2023 is the goal and the challenge for both companies and there is no better opportunity than the last game of 2022 to confront the goal in full swing.

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