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Football: Aboudi, there is no ambiguity in racism in sports stadiums – Football

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(ANSA) – ROME, Feb 02 – “There should be no misunderstandings on sports grounds, there is a need for a permanent presence that makes people collectively accountable. I know the interest of Kony, Serie A and the Federation. But we have to be. United. It will also have to Clubs comply, but by loyal choice.” This was stated by Andrea Aboudi, Minister of Sports and Youth, after his meeting with the Jewish community in Rome, commenting on the episodes of racism and anti-Semitism in the world of football and sports.

“It will be important to preside over the present and tie everything to the school curriculum,” he added, also linking to the rhetoric of many young people dying on the streets. The minister concluded by saying, “We must work on permanent communication, and the school must be the main driving force because it anticipates the future. We must make the training programs organized.” (Dealing).

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