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Flood of fire on the front, Moscow fears NATO

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Zelensky: The situation is “very difficult, accelerate supplies.” It calls for long-range missiles. Russia resumes military training in high school

From our correspondent
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Great new battles are approaching. who believes It will start in the spring Who actually imagines them to celebrate memory of the war With a wave of death and some new conquests. There are also those who predict Massive Russian offensive within a few days. The acceleration would not be a whim, but rather the Kremlin’s countermeasure to the arrival of Western reinforcements. Not only Tiger, but tanks and cannons where Ukrainians actually reside Training all over Europe.

Signs of new clashes are increasing more and more, as are the deaths on both sides. More artillery strikes, more armored infantry attacksMore influx of men and means, more propaganda.

Russians are filtering everything on their social networks which could make this stage seem favorable to them After falling back Kharkiv and Kherson. If the Kremlin also transferred in the first months of the war, as a sign of contempt for the Ukrainian army (or for the lives of its soldiers), museum pieces such as T32 tanks of the Second World War, Now in Donbass T90s have been seen (theoretically, Leopard or Abrams level) f BMPT armored fighting vehicle With a firepower that has earned him the nickname The Terminator.

The entire Russian state machine has ceased to hide the war by allowing concerts and parties, on the contrary, television networks and social networks are filled with videos from the front that look like movie trailers complete with epic music. Talk show critics underestimate the influence of Western weapons. The opposite of Portugal, realizing it had no functioning tanks to offer to Kyiv, prompted the Moscow media to depopulate it.. To support the internal consensus, the enemy (the West) is demonized or even through compulsory military retraining in secondary schools as in the days of the Soviet Union.

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The Ukrainians are responding for their part. They glorify Western technology They tell wonders what they can do and at the same time underestimate what the Russians do. Yesterday, for example, it seemed decisive in Kyiv, at any cost, to deny the explosive statements of pro-Putin Wagner mercenaries about the capture of the town (Blahodatny) near the goal of Bakhmut in the Donbass. “It’s lies, there our units are resisting.” But then in the evening But Zelensky said the situation in the region was “very difficult”. And the Russians attacked “non-stop”. Russia wants to exhaust our forces, so time must play in our favor..

Ukrainian President Zelensky thanked the countries that provided assistance, and also mentioned Italy. “We still have to speed up – he insisted – the arrival of new weapons and war options.” that? The president has been repeating for weeks that in addition to tanks, Ukraine will need long-range missiles, attack jets, and anti-aircraft to defend cities and infrastructures.

The Bakhmut region is closed to journalists, and there have been no reports of military casualties. Three Ukrainian civilians were killed by several shells in the city of Kherson, while 4 civilians were killed in Russian-occupied Melitopol.

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