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Fires in Morocco and Canada

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flexibility A scientific study found large amounts of plastic in the seabed off northeastern Japan. The researchers explored the Kuril Trench, the world’s deepest, and then analyzed thirteen sediment samples taken between 5,740 and 9,450 meters deep. Estimates ranged from 215 to 1,596 microplastic particles per kilogram in the samples, writes Science of the Total Environment. The particles have a very different chemical composition, but the most common material is polypropylene. The distribution of particles is also variable, possibly due to currents and the activity of organisms. Pictured: The Kuril Islands, administered by Russia but claimed by Japan

Fire A fire in northern Morocco has destroyed at least 6,600 hectares of vegetation and killed one person. ◆ The fire destroyed 1,500 hectares of forest and some homes in the province of British Columbia in western Canada.

Paul Childs, Reuters/Contrasto

hot A severe heat wave has hit some provinces in China. The temperature in Shanghai reached 40.9 degrees.

Drought Officials in Mexico have declared a state of emergency in parts of the country due to the severe drought. ◆ In 2022, drought and extreme heat reduced mango production in Pakistan by 40 percent.

flood Incessant rains broke a dam in Russia’s Yakutia Republic, and flooded some villages along the Adiga River.

Flora and Fauna Australia’s unique flora and fauna are threatened by global warming, fire, drought and human activity. This has been revealed through a government report.

Turtles Dozens of green sea turtles have been found dead from stab wounds on a beach on Japan’s Kume Island. Animals get caught in fishing nets and die.

Bison Three European bison have been reintroduced to a nature reserve in south-east England. The animal became extinct on the continent in 1927, but some specimens have been preserved.

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