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Finland in NATO? Croatia says no and threatens to blow up NATO expansion

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No to NATO expansion. Croatian President Zoran Milanovic He said he was willing to veto the acceptance of Sweden And Finland On the top Boy Madrid to be held at the end of June, if it will represent Croatia (Member of the Alliance since 2009). Membership in NATO can only be approved unanimously (Article 10 of the Atlantic Treaty). A week earlier in Vukovar, Milanovic, who was an advisor to the Croatian mission in the European Union and NATO in Brussels from 1996 to 1999, voiced his opposition: he said that Finnish membership in NATO was a “dangerous adventure and shameless cialtroneria.” He said that He will go after “like the devil the sinful souls of every member of Parliament who votes for” Finnish membership in NATO.

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Then he said it was necessary before ratification of NATO membership for any new member state, Change the election law in BosniaThis is another echo of Ukraine-Russia war Which contributes to the escalation and fears many analysts.

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Sarajevo – Milanovic points to the fact that the current electoral system does not guarantee that Croats living in Bosnia can elect their representatives in Sarajevo. General elections will be held in Bosnia and Herzegovina on 2 October. That day the CEC decided. Bosnians will vote for renewal Triple Presidency, the Central State Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the parliaments of the two entities that make up the Balkan State – the Croat-Muslim Federation and Republika Srpska – the ten cantonal councils of the Croatian-Muslim Federation, and the Brcko County Council, an independent administrative entity under the sovereignty of the central state. In view of the vote, it was made months ago Negotiations on electoral reformParticularly claimed by the ethnic Croatian component, which has not yet led to any agreement, despite the mediation of the European Union and the United States.

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Croatian Parliament, whose conservative HDZ party has a slim majority, is expected to approve the nominations of Sweden and Finland. it should. Croatian Foreign Minister Gordan Grílic Radman announced the decision It can only help strengthen collective defense and securityAnd that Croatia’s position is clear.

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There is a hitch and it is macroscopic though: The Croatian president’s veto at the Madrid summit. According to the Croatian constitution, the president is considered the commander-in-chief of the army and deals with foreign policy. While Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic regularly represents Croatia at EU summits, President Milanovic can and has already represented Croatia at crucial summits like this one scheduled for late June.

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