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Filming has started with butterflies still flying in Pesaro

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Filming for the new film Ancora volano le farfalle, directed by Joseph Nenchi, officially began on Monday, October 24 in Rimini, and its location will be shared with Pesaro, where filming will begin on Wednesday, October 26.

The film is freely inspired by a true story, the story of Giorgia Righi (1998. She lives in Gallo di Petriano with her family), who suffers from Friedrich’s ataxia, a rare genetic disease due to degeneration of the spinal cord and cerebellum.

Giorgia, despite the disease, is a strong and resolute girl, who certainly does not allow herself to be discouraged by her problem, she lives with strength and optimism, characteristics that allowed her to realize such seemingly impossible dreams as getting a swimming instructor license. Write an autobiographical book called “Vivere Volando” and continue to realize his future by enjoying the present but above all by spreading a core message: facing life to the best of his ability and with optimism.

The film moves in a light atmosphere: the subtle and composed irony that spreads across the entire script, written by Antonella Marcelli, on an original theme by Stefano Pirelli, distances the viewer from the drama of the story, encouraging him to adopt a positive..and natural view of the protagonist. As Nancy himself says: “You can tell the story of the war without having to spill blood.”

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