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Impeachment of Trump, rallying right-wing MP Taylor Green a failure –

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Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams warned Marjorie Taylor Green On the eve of Trump’s indictment and protest in front of Manhattan Criminal Court, Collective Bond Park said, “Brace yourself.” Far-right congressman from Georgia answered on Twitter: “He’s threatening me. Awesome.” Then he compared New York to Gotham City, and with sunglasses and a megaphone in the arena before the courthouse, declared yesterday: “We are the party that wants to protect the lives of unborn children, the party of men and women, we are the only two gender identities.” He added that Biden wants to start World War III with Russia.

She accused the congressman of having several people who used the whistles, preventing them from hearing what Taylor Greene said “Mayor’s thugs” to prevent her from speaking, but it was a Trump supporter who handed them out to passers-by. “Go back to Georgia!” someone shouted at her. Others repeated instead: “USA! USA!” Anti-Trump protesters chased her to a parked car, knocking on windows.

According to former Trump mentor Steve Bannon who often invites her to his “War Room” podcast, MTG is positioning itself To make Trump’s vice nominee. In the last days on 60 minutesprogram cbsin an interview in which she announced it The Democratic Party is the “Party of Pedophiles”. Journalist Leslie Stahl protests that this is not true. But MTG counters that Joe Biden and other Democrats are having sex with children. Because of their transgender politics.

There have been many criticisms of the decision to give space to Taylor Greene, who is considered extremist. Among his previous statements, In addition to his approval of QAnon (According to the involvement of the leaders of the Democratic Party in Satanic practices and pedophilia), there was encourage violence against Nancy Pelosi, Speaker (one of the comments she liked said the easiest way to get her out was with a bullet to the head). Someone commented on CNN, “It’s not just a debate about a proposed law, MTG should not contain a spaceincites violence, is an unwell person.”.

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