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Fiat Punto: a great comeback? Small Turin heir

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How many of us have the Fiat Uno, or its successor, the Fiat Punto? Here is the good news that lingotto can give us

Fiat Punto – Motori.News

Here’s what’s coming after the Fiat Uno and the Fiat Punto

there Fiat Uno First and then the Fiat Punto after that, they were cars Who have preserved our company for generations and led them Millions of motorists. Yes, because these cars passed from father to son, from grandfather to grandson, and were often used by everyone family, Mothers understood, of course.

were not machines sober or elegant, But as in the best traditions of Fiat (see also 500 and Panda) they were yes Spartan But durable, with excellent engines and solid chassis e permanent. The Fiat Uno was produced in Italy in the years from 1983 to 1995, and it looks incredible but it is real, it is still found in top ten dOne of the best selling cars in the world. In fact, with 9 million units sold, it is in eighth place Among the best-selling cars in the world!

Fiat Punto interior
Fiat Punto Interior – Motori.News

There is, too ‘Girl’ One , Fiat Punto, in her career has also been bought by nearly 9 million people. him too Produce It was long-lived from 1993 to 2018, and had 3 restrooms (the last one, 2005, designed by the legendary Giorgetto Giugiaro) and in 2005 It was also the car of the year.

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So Fiat He was always there queen In the sub sector. The excellent characteristics of these cars conquered everyone, they were completely sold out corners of the world.

The front and back of the Fiat Punto
Fiat Punto front and rear – Motori.News

now drive ingot He has been thinking for some time about how to replace Punto, who retired in 2018. At the moment, everything is silent and there is nothing official speechBut something seems to be moving.

Nova Punto, that’s what a famous designer thought of it

Even if, as we said above, the Fiat On behalf of its CEO, Olivier Francois, Officially confirmed that Punto will not return to the market even if with a renewed look, there are those in the the web Try to imagine whatFiat sub In the near future. The result is a lot of fun and is perfectly in keeping with the family car tradition lambs: A comfortable car to drive, with a large area of capacity Whether inside the passenger compartment or in the luggage compartment, suitable for day’s rest.

But, like we said, this is only for now hypothesis. The only thing you are sure to know is that the new car is likely to take advantage of the base CMP from “relatives” Peugeot 208 and Opel Corsa.

So we look forward to the news, hoping to beItalia Again, from the point of view the cars Go back to what glories were past.

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