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Fiat 600, the great comeback is the certainty of I am bigger and stronger, a complete break with the past

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The Fiat 600 is a true icon of the Italian small SUV. First released after the war as a larger, more spacious alternative to the small 500, it was forgotten by the parent company for years, only to make a big comeback in 1998, until it remained in production until 2010. In those years it became the new small economy car for the Italians, but then The 500 is back to sweep away the desires of motorists looking for a compact city car.

Now, however, it’s about to make a comeback, once again showing the leave-and-take dynamic that Fiat loves with its hit cars. We’ve seen it with the 500, with the Tipo, with the Croma and many others, so the 600 will be back for a second time.

The new Fiat 600 should be the name of the next major novelty of the Turin-based auto group. It appears that development has already begun and is well advanced, in fact we already have some spy photos to prove it. But now we know more about the 600 reboot, thanks to new information that has leaked. These relate to the first window and market access window.

New Fiat 600: when it comes out and what kind of car it will be

The new Fiat 600 imports the historical name of the classic Fiat small car, but completely changes the paradigm. It will not be a compact vehicle, but a compact SUVWith dimensions ranging from 400 cm to 410 cm. The platform will be based on the second generation CMP platform Production will be prepared At the Polish factory in Tychy. The platform is suitable to accommodate both fully electric and hybrid powertrains. However, the latest version should arrive at a later stage after the debut.

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go straight to the first impression, Presentation is expected in September 2023as leaked by the indiscretion revealed by Passione Auto Italiane.

Looking at FIAT’s launch schedule, it’s clear that the company has been working on this new SUV for some time. A model being photographed for the first time. The first spy photos of the new FIAT 600 have appeared on social media.

New spy photo of the Fiat 600. Image credit: Passione Auto Italiane

Spy photos show a prototype heavily camouflaged with the distinctive lines of a small SUV. At the front, even if the FIAT camouflage writing is very visible. Despite the labels, the front end clearly shows clusters of light in keeping with the new FIAT 500 electric car. These photos don’t allow us to guess what kind of mechanics are under the hood.

For more details, it will be necessary to wait for the next few months, as the demarcation window, expected in September 2023, approaches.

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