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Farewell to Catherine Spaak, she was 77 years old. She was sick for some time

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Catherine Plumber died at the age of 77. Italian actress, writer, singer, dancer, TV presenter and star of the 60s and 70s, born in 1945 in Boulogne-Billancourt, in the Ile-de-France region, to a Belgian family. “I learn with the pain of the death of Catherine Spaak, a multifaceted, cultural and elegant artist who found a home in our country that welcomed and loved. The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschini, commented on family and friends on this sad day.

Catherine the plumber “Horse Fever” and those slaps in Proietti “Mandrake”

In 2020, he had a brain haemorrhage and was in danger of death. to Italian stories She said: «I came to say that if we get sick, we should not be ashamed. I’m still here with a smile, having the ability to think and talk, but also rebel. I have not lost my resolve and courage.” Then he had an epileptic fit: “I did not walk or see. I don’t remember anything about this crisis and I find it beautiful. We are treated, healed, and return to live the same life that was before.”

Catherine the plumber “Overtaking” and that confrontation with Papa Jasman

He began working in cinema as a teenager, at the age of fifteen with the French film “The Hole” by Jacques Becker. “I left with a letter from my father authorizing me to work. I was afraid of acting, I lived in horror for years. I didn’t want to be an actress but a classical dancer, I was tall at the time. But doing this job was my salvation,” he said. The Italians, she was first noticed by Alberto Latwada who chose her in 1960’s Beautiful Deception, for the character of Francesca, a student from a good family who gives herself to a mature man: the film ended in the center of public debate, censored, and then “tagged” She was later cast for similar roles.

“Eid”, the latest movie starring Catherine Spaak

the sixties
The turning point came in the 1960s when a plumber became an Italian comedian and starred in films such as “La Noia” by Damiano Damiani. In 1962 he starred with Vittorio Gassman in Dino Risi’s “Il sorpasso”, in the role of Lily. Then, in the same year, Luciano Salles’ “mad desire” arrived, along with Ugo Tognazzi: here he meets Fabrizio Capucci, who will marry in 1963. She was one of three women on the set, she will say that she was “shy and on set the colleagues enjoyed insulting me. Then Vittorio apologized. To Mastroianni, he will always have a tender memory: “Polite, kind, we worked well with him.”

Then the music, thanks to the warm voice he had. Dischi Ricordi’s “You Make Me Afraid” (1964) and “Those My Age” became the hit “army of waves” from Hit Parade, relaunched with a guest appearance on Saturday Night Variety TV shows.

Also in 64 he received the golden plaque for David di Donatello, but it is Hollywood that dreams even if it never comes true there: he plays in “Intrigue in the Grand Hotel” directed by Richard Quinn, with Rod Taylor and Karl Malden but with little success .

From her first husband, Capucci will have a daughter, Sabrina, with whom she has always had a complex relationship. Stroy: «They took my daughter from me, the judge confirmed that the mother, that is, I am an actress, was of dubious morality. So the little girl will stay with her paternal grandmother. They destroyed the lives of all of us.”

Then from 1972 to 1979 she was married to Johnny Dorelei and had a son, Gabrielle. The third husband, Daniel Ray, arrived in 1993 and will last until 2010. In 2013 she married Vladimiro Toselli, a relationship that lasted until 2020.

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