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Fantastic 4, John Krasinski out? The leak reveals the actors, there is a star from Stranger Things

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Rumors persist about the future of the MCU a few days after the presentation at San Diego Comic-Con: After Exciting Foolishness About Steven Spielberg Directed Fantastic 4However, they have arrived Bad news for John Krasinski fans.

As expected, in fact, After engraving in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Apparently John Krasinski will not reprise the role of Red Richardswhere Marvel Studios intends to find a younger actor on the part of Mr. Fantastic: in this sense, the same “leak” that predicted Krasinski’s farewell in the same relationship will also have The entire cast has been revealed! awesome 4.

According to the information obtained by the anonymous leaker – details that must be said certainly do not validate this information, which originates from 4Chain before bouncing a bit on all the major niche sites – The role of Red Richard will be assigned to Ben Badgleyknown for his roles as Dan Humphrey in gossip girl and Joe Goldberg in You are; Moreover, by Sue Storm takes first place Melissa Benoist and Natalia Dyerstraight star super girl by The CW e Weird things From Netflix, with the report also mentioning Jharrel Jerome of moon light Unspecified role. Moreover, the passenger He also denied the involvement of Bryce Dallas Howard, previously amid a rumor that he wanted her in the role of the invisible woman. Finally, as for the villain, Simon Baker Mentalist This role has been “courted”which is supposed to be the classic antagonist of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, played by Australian Julian McMahon in the 2005 version of the film.

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Of course, we invite you to take this information with caution, waiting for new updates. But, in the meantime, we ask you: What do you think of this “potential” cast? Tell us in the comments!

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