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Fans discover their full names on a poster released by Warner Bros

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Movie Tom and Jerry has arrived on the home videoWhile fans are discovering something about the famous movie heroes. Drawing already published by Warner Bros Reveal their real names. do you know them? Discover them with us!

This is a poster telling us that the two first appeared in the 1940s on “Puss Gets The Boot.” In this cartoon, the cat and the mouse had two different names: Thomas Jasper the Cat and Gerald Jenks Mouse. This revelation apparently shocked young fans, who have always known them as Tom and Jerry (definitely shorter and simpler). However, it is also interesting to discover, which a web curious immediately saw in the photo published by Warner Bros.

In an interview on the occasionTom and Jerry Digital EditionColin Jost talked about the characters and the movie. “I really love to see 2D animation brought to the world of live actionHe explained, “You know, like Roger Rabbit? It’s something that fascinated me a lot. I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time. I love Tim Story as a director, so I wanted to work with him. Since the cast got together, I’ve really appreciated my co-workers.” […] I don’t know, there was a nice atmosphere in the group. […] I really like the idea of ​​resurrecting this world, especially for the young people who are going to see the movie. As well as for families who will watch the movie. It felt like a complete escape, there was real magic in the cartoon characters living in a New York City hotel.”

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The film was well received by critics and viewers who continue to do so now Comment on the news on Twitter From the full names of the two characters. Look at the bottom of the article what they say!

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