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Everyone But You review on Blu-ray: The perfect video for a hit romantic comedy

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Everybody But You Blu-ray Review: The Vulture producer delivers a perfect video for this fun, romantic comedy that did excellently at the box office. Excellent sound, some extras.

There are still fun, smart romantic comedies where everything seems to fit together just right, from the chemistry of the cast to the confusing and torturous love story, from the well-timed laughs to the gorgeous locations. It is no coincidence that they are also rewarded by the public. This is the situation Everyone except youa film directed by Will Gluck, which collected $6 million at the Italian box office, thanks also to the enthusiasm of the two leads, Sidney Sweeney And Glenn Powell.

Anyone But You Trailer Jpg 1600X900 Crop Q85

Everyone But You: Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney in the film

The two play Ben and Bea, the heroes of a very short and very romantic encounter that then ends in an exciting misunderstanding that leads them to hate each other. However, after some time, they find themselves on the same plane heading to Australia, and both are invited to a wedding. But since Bea’s parents want to take advantage of this to get her back together with her ex-husband Jonathan, she will use Ben as a fake boyfriend to derail the plan. now Everyone except you It was also released on home video, with A.J Blu-ray With pictures of the eagle, which as we will see in this review It offers an ideal product for appreciating the ambience Romantic comedydespite the rather weak additional section.

Perfect video for a romance series: warm colors and lots of exposed skin

Everyone But You Blu-ray

Why are we talking about an ideal product for this type of film? For the simple reason that on the video front, Eagle’s Blu-ray of Everyone But You is a perfect remake of that most classic of romantic comedies. there Hot photography It is accompanied by a well-calibrated contrast that enhances vibrant colors and a very rich tone and always makes the picture lively. This appearance, in addition to making the interior cozy, makes the interior incredibly romantic Sunny exteriors (Thanks to the great location too) and the night scenes are very evocative.

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Everyone but you 2

Everyone but you: Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney in one photo

But not only that, because this view, combined with an excellent level of detail, means that every occasion or incident in which the heroes take off their clothes allows us to admire the definition of bodies and The nature of the skin Really record breaking. The image, precisely because of these optical properties, is always clear, without ever giving rise to artifacting, and above all free of smudges.

Everyone But You, review: Sidney Sweeney, Glen Powell and the return of the great American romantic comedy

A brilliant sound with a lot of skill

DV 01950 Rv4B1

Everyone But You: Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney in the film

In the foreground My voice We find DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 tracks for both the Italian and English original. We are certainly not facing an action movie, but there are several fairly lively scenes in which the department shows good quality with Lively surrounding activity And some input from the diver. Good energy is also found in the noise of waves, wind and generally in a lively and fun environment. And even surrender Audio recording It’s warm and enveloping, while the dialogues are clean and well-accented. The sound is not explosive, but quite in keeping with the atmosphere of a film of this type.

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Fun additions but very few

Everyone but you 1 55Rkrfb

Everyone But You: Glen Powell and Sidney Sweeney in a still from the film

Where the edition loses some points is in the section additional, which contains less than 20 minutes of contributions, although some of the features are very entertaining. We start with He said she said (4′) With curiosity about the two heroes then Everyone in Australia (4′) On the exceptional site. the next Mistakes and mistakes (3′) with some funny moments on set, and then three deleted scenes (about 2 minutes total). To close the marketing materials section (3 and a half minutes total) which contains two contributions: ASMR capture quoteswith Sidney Sweeney and Glen Powell whispering witty things into the microphone, and Australian snacks About local food.

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Concluding our Tutti Except Te review on Blu-ray, we reiterate the video quality of Eagle’s producer, who manages to perfectly convey the look, photography and atmosphere typical of a romantic comedy. The audio is also of excellent quality, while the extras section is a bit weak with not even 20 minutes of contributions.

Because we love it

  • The video enhances the warm photography and tones typical of romantic comedies.
  • A sparkling sound that exudes energy in the most eventful moments.
  • Some fun additions.

what is wrong

  • But the special contents are really very few.

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