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European stock exchanges fell in the red in the last session of 2022, and Tim fell in Milan

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(Il Sole 24 Or Radiocor) Sit with a handbrake European stock exchanges In the final chapter of what has been, so far, a decidedly forgotten year for financial markets, whose gains have evaporated between economic inflation Register central banks in the “Falcon” version of Taxi of interest, war In Ukraine and eventually return issues Corona virus disease In China, all the elements that also overshadow the prospects for 2023. Thus the main continental indices move in red, from Milan (FTSEMIB) In Paris (CAC 40), via London (FT-SE 100) and frankfurt (Dax 30). And this is after the Asian markets moved upwards, in the wake of Wall Street, with the recovery of the Chinese lists, despite the fact that concern in these hours continues to escalate from the increase in injuries, which has implications for the economic growth of Beijing. They will all be evaluated.

Tim slips into Avary Square, power comp is weak

In Piazza Affari, where almost all Ftse Mib stocks are in negative territory, the worst thing from the start is Telecom Italia Which records the “gray smoke” at the government table with partners CDP and Vivendi about the future of the so-called national grid. We’ll talk about it again at the beginning of next year, when group managers join the meetings. Energy and utility companies on Milan’s main list fell in light of an antitrust ruling that partially confirmed precautionary measures against some of them. sales on Iveco Group In the car, Nixie On the technology and industry front with Leonardo – Finmeccanica. Major banks and insurance companies are pulling out Intesa San Paolo to me Unipol.

The bond spread increased to 211 pips and the yield to 4.59%.

After last night’s session, which saw Italian 10-year bonds outperform other “core” sovereigns in the eurozone, thus Margins With the Bund, the spread in the early part of the session widens slightly. In particular, the spread between the Italian ten-year standard BTP and the same German maturity is indicated at 211 basis points from 208 points at the close of December 29. The benchmark 10-year BTP return rose to 4.59% from 4.53% a day earlier.

On the currency marketThe euro traded at $1.0643 (from 1.0665 at the previous day’s close) and 141.01 yen (142.19). Instead, the dollar/yen cross settled at 132.44 (133.34). Gas price in Amsterdam decreased to 83.9 EUR per MWh (-2%) while gas price in Amsterdam decreased to 83.9 EUR per MWh (-2%) petroleumon the eve of concerns about global energy demand: February’s WTI is up 0.7% at $79 a barrel, while March’s Brent is trading at $84.1 (+0.8%).

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closes stable, but in 2022 it collapses by 9.36%

Finally, the Tokyo Stock Exchange closed the session on a flat note, but looking at the full year, it collapsed by 9.36%, due to rising inflation and strong monetary tightening occurring abroad. The leading Nikkei index ended trading flat at 26,094.50 points, while it had gained slightly in the session thanks to the rally on Wall Street the previous day. The broader Topix index fell 0.19% to 1891.71 points. It should be noted that although the Bank of Japan (BoJ) maintained its ultra-accommodative path in 2022 and the yen fell to support Japanese exports, the Tokyo Stock Exchange suffered a lot this year due to Sharp monetary tightening by the US Federal Reserve.

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