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Embracer Group has acquired Tripwire, Limited Run Games and six other companies –

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Embracer Group I buy Tripwire InteractiveAnd the Limited Running Gamesand Gioteck, Bitwave Games, Middle-Earth Enterprises, Singtrix, Tatsujin and Tuxedo Labs, while founding a new group called Embracer Freemode.

So it’s new Obsession The company after the sensational announcement of Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal and their IP addresses, last May. If at that time Embracer had 124 studios and more than 900 intellectual property, now the size of the company is even greater.

Embracer Freemode You will focus on a variety of market segments, including recycling and classics, development and production, hardware, accessories and collectibles, community and e-commerce, as well as new technology ideas. Instead, let’s see who the teams earned.

Bitwave Games Features Toaplan’s shooter catalog, as well as the classic Gimmick platformer! , while Geotech It is a fairly well-known name in the production of gaming accessories.

Limited Running Games Needs very little introduction, it is the naming of limited editions, in fact, that brings physical format every year several independent titles, while instead Middle-earth projects She has a wide range of intellectual property related to The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.

Singstrix It deals with music-themed video game projects and has developed its own sound technology which will be extended to new platforms. Tatsugen Instead it is the Japanese studio directed by Masahiro Yuge, one of the founders of Taoplan.

Tuxedo Laboratories is the Teardown authoring team and its acquisition marks Dennis Gustafsson’s entry into the Embracer Group, while Tripwire Interactive Perhaps the best-known studio in the area, which is responsible for projects such as Maneater and Killing Floor, but not only.

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