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Embedded Hockey: Asiago Vipers Champions for Italy! Two out of two Scudetti are in the U-14 and U-18 Youth Finals.

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You can’t ask for more from the weekend that just passed, with double success in National Finals Inline youth hockey teams for under 14 And the Under 18 Elite subordinate Asiago Fiberswhich deservedly won the 2 scudetti of categories.

Asiago Vipers Under 14-18 Elite Finals 2022 Scudetto Party

We’ve worked a lot, a lotThe head of the company commented, Fabio ForteAt the end of the games. “We haven’t had a day off since the Cinque Street gym reopened to us in October, so, almost, having won it is almost a natural conclusion to the journey made with these guys. Then, in fact, everyone starts winning, but we took Scudetti even if the other favourites, so we pay tribute to our coaches and athletes.“.

And it doesn’t stop there“. The Next weekendIn fact, it will be a turn Under 16 years old And the under 12ready to offer anotherfull of emotions“.

Asiago Vipers Under 14-18 Elite Finals 2022 Scudetto Team

Which Ceremony Until two o’clock Series C Asia , black out And the newtWhich thanks to the victory in the second stage qualification subordinate playoffs The pass was granted for Six final.

under 18

After winning his first FA Cup, he became elite subordinate Asiago Fibers They also completely overpowered her Scudetto Overtake home hosts by 5 to 1 Ghosts of Padua in the last He went on stage yesterday Afternoon at Pala Travain in Padua.

Asiago Vipers U18 Elite Finals 2022 Scudetto

“In the opening, Viper is more tense, seemed more proactive, also thanks to the power of play, but Fracaro and his teammates are doing their homework. Attentive teams that give little. To break the balance, Rossetto thinks ahead, shoots and puts into the corner and unleashes the orange-and-black ‘curve’ enthusiasm. The second half is a pictorial version of the previous half.Padua strives for equality, but always finds the impeccable Varacaro on her way. The Snakes beat another inferiority unharmed and then stretch: Captain Villar’s determination and Cora’s close touch are crucial. It’s 2-0 , but there is still a long way to go. The guys from the duo Rigoni-Forte put their soul into every record. The decisive push came with goals from Cortez and Lazzari who led the Snakes to a 4-0 win, the Scudetto getting closer and closer. In the final, in a game of strength , Padova falls short, but right after Rossetto goes 1 for 0 and puts in the “seven”. Then the countdown comes toward the party.”

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under 14

Another great joy came from Vibrate From the under 14 team thanks to a clear victory of 5 goals to 0 over their peers Milan in a match the lastwho also played in Padova yesterday, won it Scudetto of this category.

Asiago Vipers U14 Finals 2022 Scudetto

In the first half, it’s the ‘special teams’ that make the difference: Cortez opens it up solidly in play; in inferior, Oro finishes Rigoni’s brilliant two-step restart. The Snakes come close to the third, but they also risk the conclusion of a ‘rhino’ hitting the crossbar. But in the opening of the second half it was Tomasello who closed the way to Boratti. And right after that came 3-0 thanks to Siegel’s opportunism and also a lucky recovery. The tension rises a little and the penalties fall, but the Viperettes remain on the right track and before the siren sign two goals Others with Oro and Sighel. Then it’s just a party.”

Series C

a path via Cinque In Asiago brings well to formations Asiago Blackout And the Asiago Newtswon the challenges of the second stage of the qualification And what time will they meet? Six final subordinate Series Cdecision From 17 to 19 June With continued positioning.

Asiago Black Out Inline Hockey Game Old-Out Torrepellice

The black out exceeded Old Style Tory Bellis For only 7 goals against 4 thanks to the exceptional performance of the goalkeeper, who managed yesterday afternoon to make life difficult on the plateau. after them me newtwho managed to run the meeting from the start imposed themselves heavily on him Devils Vicenza With a final score of 11 to 1.

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Inline Hockey Asiago Newts Diavoli Vicenza

Credit: Photo by Vanessa Zinobini

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