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Bronze medal fades away at World Cup, Trentino Curling Sempra hits bottom of podium against Switzerland

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TRENT. The race of Trentino Curling Cembra stands at the foot of the podium at the World Championships in Ottawa.. The Trentino players failed to defend their bronze medal last year, losing against Switzerland Vegas. And yet, it’s even better the world For the second year in a row, Italy reached the semi-finals and failed to reach the final.

After against two early slips Scotland And CanadaTrentino Curling, which has produced extraordinary results in its first season and thus en bloc has been selected to represent Italy at the World Cup, has seen a proper frenzy during the World Cup qualifiers.

“We knew we were facing two strong teams – he commented Mattia Giovanella, team spokesman – but we knew we had the edge and faced the setbacks in good spirits. The first match was against Scotland in a new stadium with new ice and 7,000 spectators. It was a challenge for us and a challenge for Scotland. The game against Canada was also a good match. They saved themselves many times, then we agreed on something and they took advantage of it. There were a few mistakes, but we went on a crescendo”.

On Canadian ice at the TD Place Arena in Ottawa, Joel Returnas, Amos Mossner, Mattia Giovanella And Sebastian Arman In fact, they set themselves against each other Turkey itself (7-2), Swiss (8-4) and Germany (7-2) finishing sixth in the general classification and the opportunity to compete for the semi-finals (the top two formations classified in the round-robin stage can rightfully access the semi-finals, while the teams from third to sixth places must fight for access through the playoffs).

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Backlash, the extra end suffered Norway (9-8), Trentino did not bend the team, which dropped to 7th place in the general classification a few hours after the defeat, clearly prevailed. New Zealand (8-3) and America (11-4). The quartet was dealt another heavy blow by Sweden who won 8-2. So, decisive for the 6th place in the general classification and the possibility of competing”qualifying game” match against the formation of Japan to reach the semi-finals.

The Japanese were defeated and Trentino Curling Sempra won easily to approach Norway Final Four. Overcame in extra time against Trentinos Scotland. Epilogue vs Swiss And after a brilliant and very balanced contest the blue team lost to sit at the foot of the podium.

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