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Elon Musk makes a sweeping survey of the Twitter board and becomes the sole director of the company

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Elon Musk He does an ace, takes everything and sends an entire board home Twitterto become one The only manager. New “Chief Twit” He fired the nine board members For the micro-blogging platform he founded Jack Dorsey In 2009. Inregulatory agreement served with US Securities and Exchange Commission (Second) We actually read that: “On October 27, 2022, following the completion of the acquisition, Mr. Musk became solely responsible for Twitter. Pursuant to the terms of the acquisition agreement, effective as of the effective time of purchase, the following individuals, who were directors of Twitter prior to the actual time of purchase, are no longer directors of Twitter: Brett Taylor, Parag Agrawal, Omid Kurdistan, David Rosenblatt, Martha Lynn Fox, Patrick Bechet, Egon Durban, Phi Phi Lee and Mimi Alemaehu.” Previously, immediately afterwards acquired company for 44 billion dollarsmusk senior managers sacked ‘For a good cause’, including the CEO Parag AgrawalHead of the financial department Ned SegalThe General Counsel Shaun Edge And the legal officer Vijaya Jade.

According to the search company equalthe executives will receive ‘severance pay’ for a total of about 122 million dollars. In the past few hours, the Twitter sponsor has denied any neglect of The New York Timeswhere it was indicated that many employees were dismissed before November 1, so that they do not have to pay several salaries benefit as part of their salary. In response to a Twitter user who asked if the news about the layoffs was true, Musk denied the news: “This is wrong,” he wrote. Immediately upon closing the social platform purchase agreement, he promisedswitching to advertisers, to ease rules of moderation Its own content algorithm More transparent: “The reason I take over Twitter is that it’s important for the future of civilization to have a shared digital city plaza.”

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