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Elizabeth II leaves low British Canada – L’Indro

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The death of Queen Elizabeth, the longest-reigning monarch in British history, End of an era for Canada.

Elizabeth saw the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway in 1959, the expansion of Canada’s social programs in the 1960s, and the Quebec referendum. 1980 is in 1995to covenants Free trade with America and Prime Ministers are father and son. In 1982 He signed The Proclamation of Repatriation of the Constitution ended the British Parliament’s role in Canadian affairs.

During his long reign, Canada has become dramatically Anglophone and Anglophile. When he ascended the throne in 1952, almost half of Canadians were of British descent. In 2016 It has declined by a third, and continues to decline.
In the 1950s, English high school students across Canada waved the Union Jack and sang the national anthem (‘God save the queen‘), recited the Lord’s Prayer and cheered the body of cadets dressed in British khaki. Elizabeth saw the replacement of the Union Flag with the Maple Leaf in 1965 and the ‘Or Canada‘In 1980.
For seven decades, Elizabeth has successfully moved on from incorporating the core traditions and beliefs of many, To a highly respected person, But not particularly significant, In the lives of Canadians. Despite his expenses, he was personally popular in Canada A relatively short amount of time (about 200 days) visits the country on average once every three years.
His dedication to duty as a monarch was viewed favorably, as was his lack of scandals in his personal life. He mainly exploited the goodwill of Canadians Personal, Rather than being the hereditary head of a company, While serving as a living link to Canada’s days as a colony of the British Empire.

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A poll Regarding his performance, held2020Found it Eight out of 10 Canadians They believed That Rani has done her role well as the King.

But the survey found that too Half of Canadians agree the country should end formal ties with the monarchy after Elizabeth’s reign ends..
It is a poll The most recent 2021 He only found that One in five Canadians He wanted to see Prince Charles became kingWhen alone One in three would prefer Prince William to ascend the throne.

Heirs of Elizabeth -Carlow’s reign as king will be relatively short at his age (73), and William will come after- They were inaugurated at a different time in Canada’s history.
Charles assumes the role of head of state of Canada in 1952 more than the country was in 1952 regarding the role of religion in the lives of its citizens, the diversity of its citizens and its geopolitical relationships.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been cautiously ignorant about the future of the monarchy. In March 2021 He announced: «If people want to talk about constitutional change and changing our system of government, that’s fine. They can be in those conversations“.
With a minority government, it may be reluctant to spend political capital on constitutional reform.

Prime Ministers, on the other hand, are opportunists. Transition to a new king – an event that does not occur in the lives of most Canadians – It is an opportunity to assess the mood of the people and review existing arrangements.
A constitutional document is a special appeal to politicians who want to create or affirm a legacy. Pierre Trudeau’s decisive victory sent the Constitution back. Iconic Pirouette Behind the Queen, in 1977, during the G7 summit.
Excellent decision by ElisabettaHelped by genes that allowed her an extraordinarily long and healthy life, Debates about the future of the monarchy in Australia should be shelved, New Zealand And inside Other former British colonies He was the state president. His death will allow discussion and debate to begin.

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As Canadians mourn the Queen’s death, they must reflect on the continuity and importance of the monarchy in a nation coming to terms with its colonial past and seeking its place on the complex global scene.

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