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Electric planes, Air Canada looks to the environmental future and buys thirty of them

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Air Canada Pay attentionEcology. It is a green airline Airline Based in Montreal, Canada, aims to further develop. On Thursday, the company announced an order for 30 Hart Aerospace ES-30 electric aircraft. Slated to enter service in 2028, the aircraft is designed to seat 30 passengers in a two-to-one configuration and fly up to 124 miles, or 200 kilometers, in all-electric mode.

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“Air Canada has taken an industry leadership position in addressing climate change,” Michael Russo, the company’s president and CEO, wrote in a press release. “The introduction of Hart Aerospace’s ES-30 electric regional aircraft into our fleet will be a step toward our goal of net zero emissions by 2050.”

According to Air Canada, the range can be extended to 249 miles when the battery is replenished by generators, and 497 miles when capacity is limited to 25 people. According to Rousseau, the airline is developing a sustainable aviation fuel and carbon capture system to reduce emissions. CO2 emissions.

In April, Air Canada operated four flights from San Francisco to Canadian bases in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal using oil refiner Nestlé’s sustainable jet fuel.

Air Canada is the second North American carrier to confirm an order for Hart Aerospace’s electric plane. In July 2021, United Airlines, along with its regional partner Mesa Airlines, announced the purchase of 200 ES-19s, a 19-seat version of the aircraft. The flight will take off in 2026, two years before the ES-30.

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Other companies are showing more interest in electric aircraft. New Zealand-based Sounds Air said it will have “at least three” ES-19 aircraft by 2026. Reported by AIN Online, Finnair, Swedish Airline BRA, Norwegian Widerøe, Air Greenland, Pascan of Quebec, Quantum Air of California. UK CityClipper and Scandinavian Airlines have signed up for this eco-friendly flight.

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