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Elden Ring, New Trailer and Open Beta Announcement at the Game Awards? –

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as per rumor, elden ring will be present at Game Awards 2021 with a new one tractor And the announcement of the openingopen beta, which will allow all users to try out the new title developed by From Software.

As you know, we tried the first test of the Elden Ring network and were completely convinced of the possibilities of the game regressing in the chassis open world Some of the best mechanics in the Dark Souls series, all without neglecting the terribly cool depth, secrets, and lore.

One alleged leaker on 4chan wrote that the game will launch at the Game Awards 2021 in a new one-minute trailer and that the open beta period will be shorter than it was in the closed tests, From December 10 to 12.

Also according to this source, the new open network testing will be conducted within the Academy Raya Lucaria, but there are no further details then: to confirm the veracity of this information, it will be necessary to wait until the night between December 9 and 10.

The remake of the show staged by Geoff Keighley sure promises great things, with 40-50 games, 10 absolute reveal, and the real next generation: we’ll see.

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