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Edilfox Grosseto Solo Holds 4th Place After Recovering From Top Hockey Tournament – GrossetoSport

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Midweek redemptions for the Ice Rink Hockey Tournament have been officially delivered to Edilfox Grosseto Ski Club Fourth lonely place. A privileged position confirms a real magical moment for sons Michelle Ashley, who will want to cement their status alongside the already big A1 names on Saturday 3 December in front of a friendly crowd against Valdagno.

The red and white are just one point behind their Follonichese cousins ​​and three behind second place, held by Bassano. Leading the way was the battleship Tresino, which shook for 35 minutes before the “big red machine” folded.

Two minutes into the second half, last Sunday, after goals from Mount and Di Oro, Edelfox Grosseto jumped to the top of the Serie A standings. And that says a lot about what a great season Saavedra and company are playing. The important thing will not be resting on your laurels and continuing to travel to the extreme, perhaps, to fulfill another dream, which is to pass to the second round of the Champions League. If the Achilles quintet are to play in Diesbach with the intensity seen in Trisino, then nothing seems to prevent any goal. Oliverense, Calafell and the Swiss Diesbach will play with a knife between their teeth, but the Communist Party has all the qualifications to give another cheer to President Stefano Osti.

Wednesday’s catch-up results: Trecino Wasquin Lodi 6-2, Montecchio Bricalcino Valdagno 3-3, Montebello Forte dei Marmi 2-6.

Ranking: Trecino 21 Abroker Bassano 19; Galileo Follonica 17; Edilfox Grosseto 16; Gds Forte dei Marmi 15; Ingas Vercelli 14; Gama Sarzana and Waskin Lodi 13; Why Sport Valdagno 8; Cgc Viareggio and Telea Sandrigo 6; Teamservicecar Monza and Tierre Montebello 4; Montecchio Precalcino 2.

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Round schedule 9. Saturday, Vercelli-Forte dei Marmi, Follonica-Tricino, Sarzana-Montebello, Edelfox Grosseto-Valdagno, Sandrigo-Monza, Viareggio-Montecchio B.I. Sunday, Bassano Lodi.

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