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Eddie Redmayne regrets making The Danish Girl

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Eddie Redmayne You won’t reinterpret the role of transgender actress Lily Elbe in danish girl. This was revealed by the actor himself during an interview today times LONDON: Redmayne won’t accept, today, the part that just six years ago gave him an Academy Award nomination (Alicia Vikander won the Bust for Best Supporting Actress).

Despite being well received at the Venice Film Festival, many critics at the time complained that the gender-compatible man plays a prominent figure from LGBTQ+ culture and history (Lili Elbe was the second person to undergo gender reassignment surgery and was identified as a woman). transgender.) Redmayne agrees with these criticisms:

No, I will not participate in this part now. I made this movie with good intentions, but I think it was a mistake. The broader discussion of frustration is due to the fact that many people have no say in the matter. There has to be a compromise, otherwise we will constantly find ourselves having discussions of this kind.

Redmayne has repeatedly stood out in defense of the transgender community: last year the actor was have intervened Commenting on some of the comments by J.K. Rowling, author and producer of the Fantastic Beasts saga:

Respecting transgender people remains a cultural necessity, and over the years I have also tried to constantly educate myself. It is an ongoing process. Having worked with both J.K. Rowling and members of the transgender community, I wanted to make my position firmly clear. I do not agree with Joe’s comments. Transgender women are women, transgender men are men, and nonbinary identities are valid. I would never want to speak on behalf of the community, but I know that my transgender friends and colleagues are tired of this constant questioning of their identities, which often leads to violence and abuse. They just want to live their lives in peace, and it’s time to let them.

Source: times

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