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EA aims for merger or acquisition, including Disney, Apple and Amazon, reports –

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According to a report published by Puck and endorsed by Kotaku, it’s You recently tried to start a file Integration with NBCUniversal and entered into negotiations with potential buyers, including Dysney, Apple and Amazon, for aObsession. However, according to the report, no agreement has been finalized yet, but it appears that EA is ready to continue on this path. The company spokesman did not deny these rumors, but did not confirm them.

The article signed by reporter Dyan Beyers states that EA has been in talks with several potential buyers to sell the company, including Amazon, Apple and Disney.

In recent years, media companies have shown a growing interest in the rapid growth of the video game industry, and Andrew Wilson and Electronic Arts have held talks with potential buyers, including Disney, Apple and Amazon.“.

Byers added that EA became more interested in a potential acquisition or merger after the deal between Microsoft and Activision Blizzard. In particular, the negotiations that were most likely to materialize were the merger with NBCUniversal, which did not take place however as the two parties were unable to reach an agreement on the price.

Several sources familiar with these conversations say EA has been continuing to pursue the sale, and that intent has been reinforced in the wake of the Microsoft-Actvision deal. Others say EA is primarily interested in a merger deal that would allow Wilson to remain as the company’s CEO.

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An EA spokesperson commented on this rumor, but without confirmation or denial Rumors of a possible merger or acquisition of the company.

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We do not comment on rumors and speculation related to mergers and acquisitionsSpokesman John Risburg told Kotaku.We are proud to operate from a position of strength and growth, with an extraordinary portfolio of games, built on strong IPs, made by incredibly talented teams and a network of over half a billion players. We see a very bright future ahead“.

According to a report by Kotaku, Electronic Arts was to fire more than 100 employees after the divorce with FIFA.

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