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Dying Light 2 Has ‘Zero’ Chance to Delay Again –

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Techland, as fans know, has dedicated its resources to developing death light 2 And he always aimed for the highest quality possible, even at the cost of game delays. In fact, the first-person adventure release has been pushed forward several times, with the last game mode being delayed on February 4, 2022. There will be another. Rimando? For the team no, there “Zero” chance that this happens.

MP1st talking with Lead game designer de Techland – Tymon Smektala – Asked: “Let’s talk about the delay. It was a surprise to a lot of people, given how long the game took to be in production, but I think everyone was quite understanding, given what’s happened in the past couple of years. Which ones? Do you think That there is a chance of another delay at this point or do you think there is some possibility…”

Smectala immediately interrupted the reporter and said simply: “Zero.” After the sudden reaction from the MP1st reporter, Smectala went on to say, “Yes. The game is coming out next year in February, and that’s what we’ve been focusing on, that’s what we’ve been working on. So definitely No chance of having a reference“.

“Like I said, there were a couple Reasons why we delayed the game. Of course COVID was one of the factors, but I don’t want to blame COVID because we all had to deal with it, and we’ve all faced some new difficulties and challenges because of the pandemic.”

“I think the most important reason for us is that when working on a file Non-linear game, and you want to refine it, you are in fact not optimizing the details of one game, but several at the same time. Because the game itself can have many differences, and some of these differences can be so different that you have to check every time, not just 1000 times, but 1000 times multiplied by the number of differences in the game. So this is the reason for the delay. This is our IP address. Dying Light IP is owned by our studio. So we knew we couldn’t release the match if it wasn’t ready.”

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Quick Descent in Dying Light 2

Another reason for our decision Postponing the exit To achieve a certain level of quality is that Dying Light 1 was a huge success. Not because of what the media has said, but because players accept, appreciate, and love the game. I think we have one of the most active and vocal communities out there, and to be honest, the pressure is a lot higher than it was in the first game because we understand we can’t let these guys down. I know hearing about the delay is disappointing, but I think it’s better than getting a game that wasn’t supposed to be released in the first place, that wasn’t ready for release.”

So the line is clear: every delay is best choiceHowever, the game is now in the pipeline and the team is sure they won’t need any more time than the one already set. Finally, we leave you to our article: Dying Light 2: Stay Human, we tried the sequel to the open world where zombies meet parkour.

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