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Drama by Filippa Lagerback, “Can cause infection in hospital under general anaesthesia.” Here’s what happened

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Filippa Lagerback was involved in a bad accident that made her live harrowing moments.

A terrible accident caused the beautiful Filippa Lagerback to panicThe presenter shared on social networks the news of her urgent hospitalization and some of the serious repercussions she was involved in. But what happened?

Swedish Showgirl, born 1973 He started his career at the age of only twentyand starring in a commercial for Peroni beer. In 1996 he starred in the movie Silence… one is born by Giovanni Veronese. In the 2000s he started his career on televisionLeadership candid angelsAnd the against the wind and the Circus Maximus On Rai 3.

Today Filippa Lagerback is a face what’s the weather like With Fabio Fazio. The former model is interested in presenting the guests of the episodes. In 2013 he published a book called I pedal. And you?Practical notebook to be more environmentally conscious and enjoy cities by bike.

that’s love? Filippa Lagerback linked to Daniel BussariA broadcaster and radio. The two have been together since 2001 and in 2018 got married in Varese. The couple have a daughter, Stella, who was born in 2003.

Philippa Lagerback

In the past few days, the presenter shared a post on Instagram where she talked about it horrible episode that hit her hard. In the publication, an explanation of the rush to the specialist and general anesthesia and The risk of infections he had to stop. Here’s what happened.

Philippa Lagerback, bad episode

It was supposed to be a quiet outing and instead turned into a drama: Filippa Lagerback participated in moments of fear which forced her to flee immediately in search of a hideout before things went wrong.

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The episode featured former model’s lovable dog Whiskey, that while walking he caught a spear that ended up in his nose. Forasacco is a type of earlobe, which is a very dangerous weed for dogs and animals in general. This can actually slip into the mucous membranes and ear canals of animals and cause nasty infections due to its stinging nature.

Philippa Lagerback

“A matter of fractions of seconds and Cursed came down in his nose “He started sneezing violently and all the time,” wrote Philippa Lagerback. “I did not waste time and immediately took him to the vet where he was examined and decided to intervene immediately. In the hospital and under general anesthesia they extracted the body of the plant, which if left inside It can cause infection and more damage“.

Fortunately, this rotten problem was solved in the best way and now Filippa Lagerback’s four-legged friend is fine. Fear, however, was great, and The damage could have been much more severe.

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