Home entertainment Dostoevsky’s TV series, filming begins: plot, actors and details

Dostoevsky’s TV series, filming begins: plot, actors and details

Dostoevsky’s TV series, filming begins: plot, actors and details

The D’Innocenzo brothers began working on their first television series, Dostoevsky, intended for Sky. The show will feature a crew full of well-known faces on Sky, led by Filippo Timi: Let’s find out what to expect from the series.

Dostoevsky is the story of a man, a policeman, a ghost, a winter, a daughter, a friend, the end of a friend, a river, a killerAnd the Shining fish, broken hand, abandoned daughter, colonoscopy, battery charger, best mate, orphan, orphanage, pregnancy, missing daughter, older mate, washed eye in the aquarium, disease. Dostoevsky is the decisive battle between all these elements of the world ยป. This is yet another feature film – discussed – Latin americaI Brothers D’Innocenzo They hit the first shot of Dostoevskytheir first TV series, which they narrated in this way, in a style unique to their words and through the recently released first pictures.

Dostoevsky Fabio and Damiano de Inocenzo

DostoevskyTake First Sky Original Series: Actors & Details

Dostoevskyin Six episodes Among them, the D’Innocenzo brothers are also screenwriters In-house production Sky Studios produced with Baku Cinematography. Revelation talents of Italian cinema in recent years thanks to the debut with enough land and the success of their subsequent projects – bad talesthe silver bear of the scenario in the Berlinale, E Latin america – D’Innocenzo Brothers will turn around Dostoevsky between Rome and surrounding areas Until the end of winter. It will soon arrive on Sky and be broadcast on NOW in all countries where Sky is present, including the UK, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. NBCUniversal Global Distribution is the international distributor, and will handle sales on behalf of Sky Studios.

Sky Courtesy Press Office

As already announced Dostoevsky will be the protagonist Filippo Timi (win overAnd the BarLume’s crimesAnd the mythAnd the the eight mountains) as Enzo Vitello, a brilliant detective with a painful past. On the occasion of the press conference, the rest of the cast were also announced: Gabriel Montesi (bad talesAnd the droughtAnd the RomulusAnd the Christian), Carlota Gamba (Latin America, Dante), Federico Vagni (Kiara Lubic – Love conquers allAnd the I am the abyss).

Series Summary

Dostoevsky The investigation continues with a policeman with a broken past and an inevitable future. Enzo Vitello, who finds himself investigating the blood trail of a ruthless serial killer, nicknamed Dostoevsky because of the letters full of gruesome details he leaves at crime scenes. obsessed with words the killerThe policeman goes so far as to do something dangerous solo investigationGetting closer and closer to the inconvenient truth. A policeman and a killer, both intangible, elusive, both ghostly, advancing in the dark in the darkness of conscience, who chase each other but also caress, and together they divide the unit that absorbs and includes everything. Dostoevsky The most complex investigation of all: Does real crime live?

Sky Courtesy Press Office


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