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“Don’t spoil them if you’re sick”

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Gorillas and hippos as well as hamsters and cats. Covid alert for animals, large mammals and pets that, according to an American epidemiologist, shouldn’t be “pampered too much if you are sick or in recovery. To protect them as we do with children.” From giraffes to snow leopards, and from gorillas to sea lions, Zoos around the world are ‘immunizing’ their animals with experimental drugs. Insurance against what they fear may be an equally deadly disease for some mammals. Prepare the Guardian. Two hippos at the Antwerp Zoo caught a slight cold, but in one of them in Nebraska, severe complications from the COVID-19 virus killed three snow leopards. At the San Diego Zoo, gorillas fell ill without serious consequences, but some hamsters die easily from the virus.

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The Journal of Virology confirmed that a species of deer circulating in the Americas is capable of transmitting the coronavirus from one individual to another as it does among us. In homes, dogs can hardly develop the virus, unlike cats, many of whom have died, while fortunately so far it appears that mice and rats are not particularly susceptible to contracting the virus.. Covid-19 appears to affect a large variety of animals worldwide, with outcomes as varied as those in humans, but in the vast majority of cases large and small mammals become infected with the coronavirus. This is the opinion of experts consulted by the Guardian, who pointed out that animals and mammals are an unknown factor in the development of the epidemic.

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Since it (probably) came from a mammal, the bat, and certainly came back to the animals, in the latter the coronavirus could take different paths, possibly developing independent variants: “We are focused on eradicating the virus from humans, but for now the virus may mutate silently into other animal species, and become increasingly unmanageable.”Margaret Husey, Professor of Comparative Virology at the University of Glasgow. But so far, more than wild animals, Pets, captive animals, and farm animals are primarily affected. In the Netherlands and other countries, thousands of infected minks were killed, and some were isolated from humans.

But there is also the option of vaccinations: In Russia, veterinarians are allowed to inject a product called Karnivak-Kov into cats and dogs. In the Zoetis vaccine has been allowed on a case-by-case basis, in the meantime the great apes will be vaccinated at the San Diego Zoo. For pets, advice from Rebecca Fisher, an epidemiologist at Texas A&M University, quoted by The Guardian, is: “Don’t pamper them too much if you’re sick or convalescing.” “We must do everything we can to protect them as we do with children.”. “What really worries us – says Fisher – is the back-and-forth between humans and animals, and other animals, in an environment where humans can be affected.”

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